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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Linkee-poo is not Tuesday's child

"A photo of Juli Briskman flipping off President Trump's motorcade while riding her bike went viral, and now, her employer has fired her for it… On Halloween, in an attempt to get ahead of her employer finding out that she was the woman in the picture, Briskman told her bosses at the government contracting firm Akima LLC and was promptly fired." But she'll never pay for a drink again.

"The U.N.’s International Organization for Migration put the number of dead in the center Mediterranean route from Libya to Italy at over 2,600 through Nov. 1." People are dying to get to Europe, like they're dying to enter the US.

"According to Kamin’s calculations, the initial tax cut for the family making $59,000 becomes a $500 tax increase by 2024 compared to the status quo." But the tax cuts for the wealthy and businesses are permanent. So guess who's going to get stuck with the $1.5t extra debt? Also I'll note here that most of the tax "benefit" comes from having children, like the "middle-class tax break" in the Bush tax cuts. If you don't have children (as we don't), you get doubly screwed.

As in, "By 2027, after many of the middle class tax cuts in the GOP plan expire, the difference would be even more stark. The report found that people earning less than $55,000 a year would see an average increase in their taxes, of nearly $2,000, while those in the top 1 percent would get an average tax break of nearly $53,000. For the richest of the rich, the top 0.1 percent of Americans, the windfall is even greater: an average of nearly $300,000 a year." (Although note that the Tax Policy Center forgot to add one of the child deductions to these calculations and are redoing the report, however that deduction would also expire by 2027). This will play into some social economics in that people will want to get a dollar now even though they may need to pay two dollars in the future (it's not rational, but then that's why Richard Thaler won the Nobel Prize in Economics).

"It does seem that in America today, it is something of a golden age of grievance." Trump, one year from election.

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