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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Linkee-poo late weekend edition

Well, there was a heck of a lot this weekend. Unfortunately I was very busy and couldn't keep up with it all.

"In a press conference Sunday night, an official from the Texas Department of Public Safety described the scene: Around 11:20 am, the suspect, dressed in black, approached the church and began firing an assault rifle. He then entered the church and continued firing." So, why is this whole "city vs rural" concept of the Trump voter bullshit? "'I never thought it would happen here. This is something that happens in a big city. I would never have thought this would have taken place here. It's just too tight a community. It doesn't make sense.'"

"During a hearing Friday in Fort Bragg, N.C., Bergdahl was sentenced to dishonorable discharge, forfeiture of $1,000 in pay per month and a reduction in rank from sergeant to private, according to a statement from the Army." What you're not hearing in the media is that Bergdahl was tortured during his 5 year stay with the "Taliban." And after he was released, he's been in debriefings where he's given vital intelligence on the Haqqani network (who were actually holding him). People don't understand what "desert" means in this context. He walked off the base without permission, he didn't defect to the other side.

"Three House Republicans on Friday moved to pressure special counsel Robert Mueller to resign over what they contend are 'obvious conflicts of interest,' the latest instance of rising GOP resistance to his Russia probe." Of course my first thought is, "Wow, how deep is the GOP collusion with Putin?" Cause they wouldn't be worried if there wasn't something to be worried about.

A little primer on "natural" vs "artificial" flavor.

A breakdown of the tax proposal. Also, most of the taxes expire in 5 years. Except for the corporate take rate, elimination of the alternative minimum tax, and the elimination of the estate tax. I wonder why?

"The Democratic National Committee struck a deal with Hillary Clinton in 2015 that gave her campaign input on some party hiring and spending decisions, but required they be related only to preparations for the general election, according to a memo obtained by NBC News. It also left the door open for other candidates to make similar arrangements." The committee struck similar deals with all the candidates, including Sanders. Gee, I wonder if Donna Brazile is trying to sell books so the publicists are making a big thing out of nothing? I mean, that couldn't be it.

"Senator Rand Paul suffered a minor injury after a man assaulted him on Friday at the lawmaker’s home in Bowling Green, Ky., the police said." Don't worry, it's someone he knew.

Also, WTF is happening in Saudi Arabia? "Yemeni rebels on Saturday targeted an airport in Saudi Arabia's capital with a ballistic missile, according to Yemen's Houthi-controlled Defense Ministry." And in the same day… "The Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya news channel also reported late Saturday that dozens of princes and former ministers were detained in a new anti-corruption probe headed by the kingdom's powerful Crown Prince Mohammed Salman. No further details were immediately given."

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