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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Linkee-poo on a hump day

"Tiny homes have been promoted as the solution to all kinds of housing needs — shelter for the homeless, an affordable option for expensive big cities and simplicity for people who want to declutter their lives. But the same popularity that inspired at least six national TV shows about the homes often fails to translate into acceptance when developers try to build them next door." Yep. Hell, getting regular sized homes built for low-income people face unbelievable headwinds. Even in an area that's already been duplexed and includes many rentals, even when the new homes would look the same as the existing duplexes.

"If you're poor, uninsured and have a bad car wreck or fall seriously ill, there's a chance in most states to enroll for Medicaid after the fact. If you qualify for Medicaid, the program will pay your medical bills going back three months… 'retroactive eligibility' provides financial protection as patients await approval of their Medicaid applications. It protects hospitals, too, from having to absorb the costs of caring for these patients… But a growing number of states are rescinding this benefit." Fuckers. Tell me again how both sides are the same. My Mom labored for years trying to keep up with Medicare premiums when she was eligible to Medicaid the whole time. With that look-back period we were able to keep her solvent. Given the other heinous fuckery around Medicaid (like Medicaid Recovery), this is just fucking over the poor for absolutely no reason than mean people in office can. Understand just how destitute you have to be (for a significant period of time) before you qualify for Medicaid. You can't have more than $2000 to your name or you're kicked off. So, yeah, let's saddle these people with medical debt they'll never be able to repay (note this retroactive coverage is to save the medical institutions - doctors and hospitals - that have helped these people).

How do we stop drugs from coming into the US. "Build a wall," they all shouted. "The bazooka had been 'adapted' to use a compressor for launching drugs into the United States. The Mexican daily El Universal reports the device was inside a van with a sliding roof, allowing the bazooka to shoot the drugs from the cover of the vehicle."

"'I'm very sorry for the language I used. I'm not proud of it,' (former Dallas prosecutor Jody) Warner said at a press conference as she fought back tears. 'I appreciate being given the opportunity to give my side. I'm not trying to make any accusations against that driver. I don't know what's in his heart. I can tell you that not everything he said was true. I never touched him.'" I guess we believed him, Ms Warner, and not you.

The art of the "non-apology" apology. "Papa John's is apologizing for comments made by CEO John Schnatter blaming sluggish pizza sales on NFL players kneeling during the national anthem… The company tweeted a statement Tuesday night saying 'the statements made on our earnings call were describing factors that impact our business and we sincerely apologize to anyone that thought they were divisive.'" Or to paraphrase that, "the racist and unfeeling statements of our asshole CEO were only meant for people with money. All the rest of you shouldn't have heard it." Still make crappy pizza, that might have something to do with your reduced sales. Oh, wait, I've got it, "Millennials are destroying Papa Johns." Yeah, that'll work.

The non-coup coup. "Zimbabwe's army said Wednesday that it has seized control in what is being described as 'a bloodless transition' that has apparently pushed aside President Robert Mugabe. The military said he and his family are 'safe and sound.'"

"Question to CEOs: If the tax reform bill goes through, do you plan to increase your company’s capital investments? [Just a couple hands are raised] Gary Cohn: 'Why aren't the other hands up?'" Because CI doesn't add to stock value like buybacks do. This reminds me of when Ohio conservatives fought tooth and nail to cap damages from medical liability suits to halt the double digit increases in medical liability insurance. After they won, medical liability insurance continued to increase in the double digits. When reporters finally asked the insurance companies why, the response was, "We never said capping damages would lead to lower rates." So, did Ohio reverse themselves and remove the caps? Hell no. It wasn't the point of them anyway. (Grokked from Vince O'Conner)

"That wire transfer is one of more than 60 now being scrutinized by the FBI and other federal agencies investigating Russian involvement in the US election. The transactions, which moved through Citibank accounts and totaled more than $380,000, each came from the Russian foreign ministry and most contained a memo line referencing the financing of the 2016 election." Somehow I get the feeling they're just trolling us now.

AG Jeff Sessions to Congress, well, you know, it was a fuckup of a campaign, we were all tired, and you cann't expect me to remember every instance of someone selling our country out to a hostile foreign power. You know, to paraphrase. Funny how the other people seem to remember it.

The Johnston, PA progressive are getting a little sick and tired of how they're portrayed by the media. "But Adams also voted for Trump, and by a bigger margin than Cambria County. The town backed Trump by a 39 point margin over Clinton (68 percent voted for Trump, 29 percent for Clinton). So why don't national publicans travel to wealthy suburbs like Adams to write stories about Trump supporters? Electorally, they provide similar support." But we've done the "rich people are republicans" stories to death. (Grokked from Justine Larbalestier)

"President Trump was slammed on social media for an apparently errant tweet about last week’s mass killing in Texas — sent on the same day a gunman went on a killing spree in California." And he signed it in his own personal rubber stamp. Our president accused of not actually giving a damn? Shocked, shocked I am… Don't worry, I'm sure there's some intern he can blame. (Grokked from Dan)

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