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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

And even more sale news... for other people.

Dang it, sometimes I'm a dick on purpose, sometimes I'm just a brainless dick.

I forgot to mention, frequent commentor and all around nice guy Todd Wheeler also made a sale recently. His story "The Unwritten Future of Princess Melodious Squeak" was accepted by Nanobison. Very damn cool. Congrats, dude! And as commented about elsewhere, what a very neat title.

Todd is also still running his Name the Characters Contest. So, here's your chance to see you ideas used by a published author. I mean, most people have to hire a team of lawyers to prove their ideas were used by another author. Here, you go into the proposition knowing that's going to happen. But seriously, you get to help name characters in a story, how cool is that?


Todd Wheeler said...

Aww, shucks! ;-)

It did cross my mind that I would be taking someone's idea/suggestion and then using it for myself. However, names as well as titles aren't subject to copyright restrictions.

At least to a certain degree. If I named the characters Betty and Barney Rubble and their son Bamm Bamm, I might get into trouble.

Anonymous said...

I keep checking Todd's site to see what I'm up against and see that there's a dearth of entries.


I'd hate to win a contest with no competition. That would feel pretty crappy.

Also, Lynn Viehl has a "name Cherijo's scoutship" contest going on her site. Very cool.


Steve Buchheit said...

Todd, I was just driving to work the other morning and had a Homer Simpson moment, that I had called out Merrie's sale and I didn't point to yours. That was me being a dick without forethought. So I needed to correct my oversite. I mean, I congratulated you on your site, I just forgot to spread the love net wider. So Mea Culpa.

Yup, names and titles aren't copyrightable. I was being smarmy about it. Heck, for anybody out there that want's to submit, many charities auction off the opportunity to name characters and places. Todd's giving the opportunity away for free.

I haven't put up my entry just because right now I can't even find fonts on my computer to do client work. How out of it am I?

Nathan, cool. I don't know that name, but I'm definately checking her out. I mean, I'm going to her site.

Steve Buchheit said...

I'm so tired I forgot the best line, "Good poety copy, great poets steal." The corrollary is, only steal the best stuff. At least with these contests the person entering knows fully that their idea may be used.

It's kind of like my story bones. I figure someone, somewhere is going to use one, and I'll run into it one day. That would be very cool. I love it when I run into my design out in real life. It's a kick. And I've done art directing enough to be okay if what they come up with isn't what I was thinking of at the time. That's also cool, and part of the idea. I think any story bone I've put out there could have ten writers take it, and there would be ten different stories from it. To me, that's the fun part of writing/art.

Steve Buchheit said...

"good poets copy, great poets steal"

Argh! Time for bed. "I'm sorry, Steve's brain is unavailable for comment at the moment. Please speak into the clown's mouth and he'll return your call later."