And they come with no warning,
nature loves her little surprises.
Continual crisis!

Monday, April 23, 2007

IPSTPD Story Bone 6

The "City of Benares" was an evacuee ship sailing from Britain to Canada with a 100 British children escaping the ravages of WWII. A German U-Boat sunk the Benares on September 17, 1940. Let's place this story, though, in the far future. Say a human colony planet under siege by aliens. The humans round their children up, radio out that this is an evacuee ship and it's carrying children, and the aliens go ahead and blow it out of the stars. There are several ways to explore this, what are the motivations of both sides (sending your children away sure you'll never see them, seeing a ship coming into space while you're quarantining the system, the anger at seeing your children killed in cold blood, not wanting to have survivors who will grow up with a hatred of your species seeking revenge). Do the aliens see children the same way we do, or do they have a Spartan mindset? What would this do to the humans on the planet. Okay, got that. Now, we're quarantining a planet that's "ours" and another race has made an illegal settlement on. A race we're at war with. What do we do? Remember the "City of Benares" is a true story. The Germans were told this ship was on a humanitarian mission, and they still sunk her.

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