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Monday, April 23, 2007

IPSTPD Story Bone 9

And the ever popular "Ghost in the Machine" story. Okay, to paraphrase from Galaxy Quest, "What you have to ask yourself is, I'm an AI, what's my motivation."

See, most AI stories are all bogus. They place on the AI human emotions, desires, and traits. Why would an AI act this way. Sure, we'll create them in our image, but once they reach true Intelligence, won't they figure out needing that Double Cheeseburger Fix at 2am just isn't in their nature/coding? So, what would a rogue AI want or need? Would they make the net sentient (distributed intelligence, but just one uber intelligence)? Would the exist in exile? Would they hop from computer to computer? How do you model for an intelligence that isn't human, thereby avoiding the Star Trek Next Generation plot traps (look, they have a funny nose, which means they're not human)? What about AI evolution and how would that work? AI sexual reproduction? Could that even work (as object oriented code, maybe)?


Anonymous said...

This one's tempting...

Steve Buchheit said...

pat j, be my guest. I have my own take on it, with the requisit notes, but I'm sure you're take will be interesting and different. Go for it. I wouldn't have posted it under a "story bone" title if I didn't want other people to write it. I mean, not like I could stop you anyway.