And they come with no warning,
nature loves her little surprises.
Continual crisis!

Sunday, April 15, 2007


My Mom is in the hospital. She's going to have bypass surgery tomorrow (Monday). She's fully awake, and her heart attack was a mild one, but it wasn't her first (as came out in the doctors quizing her). They've found the blockage causeing the problems. So on the plus side there's no scaring on the heart muscle, and she has a 99% chance of coming out of surgery okay (although she's had problems with anesthetic) and a 98% chance of surviving 10 years or more. Her surgeon will be the top heart guy at the hospital or his associate. Both are highly ranked. The hospital (where she worked for over twenty-five years) has been doing this for a long time (from back in the 80s).

Fortuantely she knew the signs of a heart-attack. These signs are different in women than in men, BTW (or they display differently, such as men have pain in the right arm and chest mostly, women will experience pain in the jaw or along the bra-line on their backs). And most women don't believe they could be having a heart attack so they delay getting help.

So I should be around, but if I'm not posting for a bit, or I come to your site and blather on about something incoherently off-topic, you'll know why. I do most of my posting while my plate-setter is printing, and I'm not planning for taking another day off this week, so there will be posts.


Todd Wheeler said...

Sending positive thoughts your way. Hope everything goes well.

Steve Buchheit said...

Thanks, Todd.