There's battle lines being drawn.
Nobody's right if everybody's wrong.
Young people speaking their minds
getting so much resistance from behind

Sunday, October 25, 2009

WIP III - the Search for Absolution

Finished up Chapter 29 last night. Came in at 2155 words very late last night. So late I didn't have enough mental power to format it and get a word count. That brings me to 50946 words to far. It's officially a novel now! Woohoo! Still have some 20,000 words to go for the crappy first draft goal. And then we rewrite.
We were now in the middle of the street far enough away from the SUVs that we could have a proper dual. I saw that the fourth gunboy already lay bleeding in the street. Santana and one of our gunboys rounded the front bumper of the farthest SUV. The gunboy raised his rifle taking aim at the back of Xiang and Santana grabbed his elbow forcing the gun down.

Family honor. Fan Xiang was a bladesman, who knew? And I had a commission from Mr. Hernandez to kill him. Santana would let me do my job and wait to see the outcome not interfering, the bastard.

So, a successful retreat so far. I don't know if or how many more I'll get today before leaving, but I think that brings me to about 5000 words or so for this weekend (I did go back and add some detail to earlier chapters, but I didn't update their wordcount in the chart or tally, well get those as a jump start for the rewrite where my goal will be 80-90000, a respectable sized first novel).

On the flip side I didn't get any reading, submitting or critiquing done while here. So still, bad writer, no cookie. But there is chocolate. Oh yes, we will have chocolate.

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