There's battle lines being drawn.
Nobody's right if everybody's wrong.
Young people speaking their minds
getting so much resistance from behind

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Middling Updatery

Sorry about being so slow on getting a post up about what Viable Paradise is like.

One word, excellent. More words, not what I expected, exhausting, somewhat of an ego boost (as I complained, "these critiques are supposed to make me cry, but I'm not crying, I'm not getting my money's worth"), but still worth while. Hopefully more words will come later.

Right now struggling to get the photos off the camera. Something somewhere is throwing out errors. Looking at workarounds (will probably get a low cost card reader on the way home tonight).

Lots of story stuff, including the "OMG I'm blowing it, I'll lose my voice before I finish it all up" fear. Sigh. I've given myself permission not to write this week, but of course I have a few words down (not many, but about 50 or so so far). The weekend after this coming on is the Feral Writers Retreat where we feast upon the crackling hazelnuts and write until our brains fall out into our lap. So I'm allowing my mind to relax from VP and gear up for FWR.

Hopefully I'll be able to get those photos. I have a special one for one of you (::waves as Cassie:: - thanks, BTW).

Gained about 9 pounds from all the pop consumption, so we'll be Wii-ing it real soon now. Did get most of the outside decorations up on Sunday (still need to add the flying ghosts). Need to do yardwork this weekend to bring in the water-barrels. And I have about 45000 words to critique before Sunday afternoon. Also trying to catch up with blogs (somewhere near 700 posts since I was gone). Did I forget to mention the Village meeting tonight and important election coming up (don't forget to vote this year, many people are counting on you not voting). Busy, busy, boy Steve is.


Julie said...

And by "crackling hazelnuts" you mean "copious alcohol", right?

Anonymous said...

No tears critiquing is my fault. I threatened Scalzi.

Scary, hunh?


Merrie Haskell said...

So, now that you're a VP grad, are you unstoppable or merely indomitable?

*needs to know*

Holy crap, only a week and a couple days to retreat!

Steve Buchheit said...

Julie, it could be, it could be.

Cassie, well if it was just John, I'd see your point. Actually John was more critical than some others.

Mer, well, I was already indomitable (for certain values of domination... um, TMI?), so I guess that now makes me unstoppable.