There's battle lines being drawn.
Nobody's right if everybody's wrong.
Young people speaking their minds
getting so much resistance from behind

Friday, October 16, 2009


Things are still mixed up. Just downed some NyQuil to hopefully kick this crud in the butt. Trying to be focused.

First random thing. To my Democratic brethren, you caved on everything important in the Finance Committee and garnered one reluctant Republican Vote. Even by adopting many of their amendments, they couldn't and wouldn't vote for it. And now they're whining outside the conference rooms wanting to be let in to make a bipartisan bill, to not be locked out. They will saddle the Democratic Party with this bill no matter what. Sometimes you have to say, "Fuck it." Build the best bill you can, including a strong Public Option. The Blue Dogs won't want it, fine, cut them off from DNC funds for their re-election. Look them straight in the eyes and tell them it's worth it to lose the majority if you can't get this past. See how fast they come around to sensibility. And when it comes to the floor, look across the aisle and tell them it's the Democratic Party's Bill. We're willing to accept it. And then tell them that every time the bill saves a life, saves a business from collapsing, you will go on the talking head shows and say, "The Republicans would have let that person die, let that business collapse, because they don't give a crap about anybody else." Or at the very least frame the future debate of if the bill fails or is modified to much, it's all the Republicans bill.

It's the middle of Write-tober and I haven't been writing all that much. It is to sigh. Still have about a hundred pages to critique for Sunday. Plus the novel. And that's all before/along with the writing.

On the evening news they had a story where people are in their re-enrollment periods already and having to make the tough choices. Go on the talk shows and say, "That increase in your rates (or the change over to higher deductibles, lower coverage plans) and say that's the plan the Republicans have for your future health care. Oh, and the report said rates would be going up on average 10%. My immediate response was, "Damn, that's low." See, for the past five years I've been at the current job, the average increase was 14%. There are people who would love only a 10% increase. They would consider that a victory.

Somebody stole one of my tombstones. WTF? Dudes, the pumpkins are worth more. Was going to replace it tonight on the way home, but when I left work I just wanted to come home (that whole sick part). Need to put out the flying ghosts tomorrow (as long as it's not raining). Set up the black light. Some other things.

It looks like the banking businesses just didn't get the message. We're tired of your mega bonuses, the salaries of making as much in a year as we may make in a lifetime, and your sense of entitlement. No, stopping the bonuses won't affect you, where are your employees going to go? And it is the sense of entitlement we resent.

The nyquil is kicking in now, so I better log off before I start just typing "la la la la la la."


Rick said...

Hope you feel better, Steve. Stewart was sick, too. You really missed a great time at Conclave.

Maybe you could join us some day for a writer's meeting up in Michigan.

Anonymous said...

Damn kids! Stealing your tombstones!

Bryon isn't putting ours out until Halloween night for that very reason.


Steve Buchheit said...

Rick, well I am going to be at a writers meeting up in Michigan next weekend (full weekend retreat). Although I think all the berths are taken at this time. I think after that the next time I'll be in your wonderful state will be Confusion in January. I'm still hoping to make it to Penguicon as well.

Cath, I like to get our decorations out as soon possible to increase the joy of others. My neighbor across the street also decorates (although his Halloween decorations are all inflatables). We call our little part of the street "Halloween Corners." There's a gentle competition between us, mostly on his side. I like to make a better display, he's trying to keep ahead of me.

I would suspect the wind took it away, except the stakes I used to tie it down are also missing (and those would need to be pulled straight up). I guess for the Xmas decorations I'll need to install the electrified fence.