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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday in the Realm of the Cranky

Hey look, there's a position for copywriter. Oh, wait.
Well, this ad isn’t that wrongly written. Just kidding... Seriously though, our company was just announced as one of the Top 50 places to work in the United States by a large, reputable magazine and we have grown over 400% every year for the last 3 years. Our company is just 3 years old but we’ve established a leadership position in our niche.

Uh, yeah. You know, there's plenty of crappy ads out there and I don't comment on them. No, really, I don't bring up how "Cleveland, OH" is "nearby" to "Montgomery, AL." I don't talk about all of the crazy stuff I see out there (like there's now at least three design positions that pay $12hr - for "highly experienced people" but also "entry level"). I thought by the link on the job site, "Hey, this might be interesting," and then saw their full ad. Dudes:
  • If it's a "reputable magazine" give us the name.

  • 400% growth over your first year isn't something to brag about. 400% of 0 is still 0.

  • And that your "niche" is real estate investment doesn't give me a warm feeling (can you say "foreclosure flippers")

And let me say, I've had it with all the sites that require someone out of work to part with their money to get a service that "may" be required to either search or submit an application. Or the, "sure you can submit with a 'basic' membership, but upgrade (for a fee) and we'll really pass on your resume," sites. You know, these days, there is more honesty, transparency, and frankly, good business practices in the real estate industry than in the job/resume markets. At least real estate agents, by law, must disclose their business relationships as it involves the transaction. These job sites are giving the name of swindler a bad reputation.

And then there's the service to "fax your resume right away" that will only cost me $20. Give me the full contact info and I'll get the damn resume to you, don't point me at a pay service.

Also, when I input "graphic design" as my keywords, you should really be able to eliminate the "no graphic design" listings. They keep clogging up my browser.


LL said...

It has been my experience in the work world that there are people who interview well, and then there are people who can actually do the job. Most management jobs are, of course, held by those shiftless grinning imbeciles who can yak up a storm in an interview but are nowhere to be seen when actual work must be performed.
My heart goes out to you as you search for decent employment, because you are smart and capable, which seem, these days, to be anything but assets in the job hunt game.
Hang in there. The universe has plans for where to plant you, and it is bound to be in a spot where you will bloom.

WendyB_09 said...

During an earlier venture into unemployment several years ago I applied for a desktop training position. I'd done that before and liked it, plus it was at a training center I liked.

Well, didn't get the job, but they offered to let me take a free class, so I did. Not long after the class I got a call from someone supposedly in their degree recruiting program. They wanted me to sign up to take IT certification classes, $20K worth of classes.

I protested that I was out of work and had no income. They offered to approve student "loans" to cover the classes, the exam reviews and the exams. But how will I pay rent, car payment, utilities, for food I asked. They didn't have an answer for that. Did I mention there was an amazingly hefty application fee for the loans??

I hung up and they never called back.

Now, don't get me wrong, student loans are a good thing for many people, and I heartily approve. It was the shady, desperate method they used to try and persuade me to sign up for programs and loans with no regard for my real-world situation.

Worse, when I called the school to complain about the strong-arm tactics, they had no idea what I was talking about. Was not surprised one bit.

Steve Buchheit said...

Thanks, LycansLibrarian. I certainly hope the Universe has plans. I can't see them right now (which always seems to be the case). Spent the day preparing for tomorrow which hopefully will see me talking my way into an interview with the Geauga Park District. Here's hoping it works.

WendyB, yeah I've already run into a few of those setups. And I've gone through that though of when I get to the training I can no longer do just as night, how I'll handle those day to day expenses. Well, that's a bridge I'll have to burn when I come to it. :) I'm hoping to have a really understanding employer by then.

And, hey, how's your situation running these days?

Matt said...

Having gone through an unexpected jobless situation in November and December of last year, I can readily commiserate with your frustrations. I spent more time sifting through garbage job postings that I did actually applying for work. It is an unfortunate fact that preying upon those out of work is one of the biggest growth industries. I was able to get some traction by stepping away from the niche I was in and broadening my horizons. Believe it or not, I had my greatest job hunting successes on craigslist. It seemed to me that the bigger boards were flooded with crap and over saturated with applicants. I hope your search yields fruit soon. By the way, I really enjoy reading your blog. I was introduced to it by Janiece over at HCDSM (I'm a friend and former shipmate of hers) and regularly follow several of the UCF's finest. Best of luck!

Steve Buchheit said...

Vagabond, welcome. I've seen you hanging around other UCFer sites, so you aren't as much of a stranger as you may think. I've also tried stepping away from my niche (applied for Office Management, even a receptionist, tomorrow I'll talk with someone who have connections to volunteering at a local hospital). However my biggest hits so far (and they've been few and fleeting) have been from within my industry. And Craigslist is a good lead. I haven't looked there yet. Right now I'm working through a booklet on using linkedin.

And, any friend of Janiece is very welcome here.