And they come with no warning,
nature loves her little surprises.
Continual crisis!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Working for the weekend

Okay, well, except for two good job opportunities (one I'm still psyched about, just checked and I'm in the "reviewing credentials" phase, I believe this means I've made it past the first cut), and a few shining moments (that weren't all that shiny), this week sucked.

Monday started off with my wife having her purse stolen. Major suckatude. We spent Monday night and all day Tuesday running errands to make sure that if the theft ended up more than a cash grab (most thieves just take whatever cash is in there and dump the rest, cash typically can't be traced), we were protected. So all new ids, account numbers, changing the locks, etc. Yeah. There's not only a bunch of time, but cash out the door.

Wednesday, I forget Wednesday. There was a meeting I had to go to.

And then yesterday my fire chief couldn't make a meeting so I had to drive an hour to get there. This week saw about the usual mileage being put on the car as when I was working full time. And the meeting went pretty late, so I didn't get home until late.

But that's not the worse thing about Thursday. See, I now have another reason for health care reform. This one goes to affordable premium rates for individuals. As you may not know, because the office shut down, I don't have the opportunity for COBRA. And an initial consult for an individual plan with me and Bette, we got to $600 a month before we got to far into the questions of past history. And that's with a $3000 deductible. So, yeah. Not going there, because I really want to be able to eat come July.

Well, yesterday morning I woke up early with a familiar pain. It was a kidney stone. I had one last summer and it required a trip to the emergency room. Fortunately this one must not have been very big (last summer's was 4mm - the tube it has to go through is 2mm), as it meant a lot of pain, but not enough that it knocked me to the ground (like last summer). So I took some of the remaining tylenol (dilates the urethra) and toughed it out. I was fortunate. Today I'm just sore (so I'm assuming here it's passed at least into the bladder). Both you and I dodged the bullet. And I say you and I because if I had to go to the hospital, it would have been enough to make me look at bankruptcy, and you would pay higher fees for insurance and billing items from hospitals to cover my cost of care.

And then there was today. Today, the tension spring on the garage door snapped. There's another $200 I really don't have. Fortunately the company that installed out door had a truck in our area and it's fixed. But still, there's another bill.

So, I don't know what I did to get this week. Or if the universe is saving up my luck points to spring a surprise on me (like getting a job soon). But I'm ready for this week to be over and this bad luck to be put behind me.


Dr. Phil (Physics) said...

On your To Do list for next week -- cross out the checkbox for "have major suckitude", okay? You accomplished that already.

Dr. Phil

Rick said...

Hey, I checked your karmic chart and next week is much better. This last week you accidentally got a politician's karma.

Steve Buchheit said...

Thanks Dr. Phil and Rick. It's good to know next week will be better.