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nature loves her little surprises.
Continual crisis!

Monday, March 1, 2010

To the Democratic Senate Leadership

Time to look at the opposition and say, "Okay, just how strong is your bladder?" And start with Senator Bunning.

See, filibusters, real filibusters, are still all about one person standing up and not yielding the floor. It's only the threat of filibustering that keeps legislation stalled for weeks. Time to call bluffs.

Just my thoughts.


Dan Berlyoung said...

Hear! Hear!

Rick said...

Bladder? I wish Democrats would grow a backbone and get the public option done! I've met amoeba with more backbone than Democrats.

Steve Buchheit said...

Thanks, Dan. I wish they would do it.

Rick, well, yes. I agree that the public option should be put back in and passed by reconciliation (well, actually I'd like to have a single payor system with private health insurance that is mandated to be non-profit, based on what they have in Germany, Switzerland, and Japan).

And, as a gentle ribbing, I'll remind you I am an elected Democrat.