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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

There's got to be a morning after

Aw, Glenn Beck wants a hug. Come 'ere, Glenny. Just show me your hands first. I want to make sure you dropped the knife.

And in other news, Earth slows its rotation because of the right leaning spin coming out of Washington. You know, much of the crap being flung have been debunked so long ago, I'm just not sure it's worth while having the argument anymore. Really, just make the link to and be done with it. Unfortunately there's still people who think this is a "government takeover" (again, it'll spend less than 1% of healthcare spending, if you can "take over" and industry that way, well, damn, I need to get into the mergers and acquisitions business). And then the Queen of the North is still on about her "death panels." I'm sorry, it's now been almost a year. If you don't understand how wrong this is, you just don't have the capacity to carry on the conversation.

It's called being a sore loser. And it's especially poignant because the conservatives bluffed and blustered, and huffed and puffed, and the little house didn't fall over. So, now those who rant and rave about frivolous lawsuits are now championing frivolous lawsuits. They scream about government wasteful spending, but now they praise several attorneys general bringing costly (to states' budgets and to the US Attorney General's office to defend) legal action which has a slim chance of getting any traction. Say, hypocritical much?

And don't get me started on talk radio. Last night on the way home from a too long day on the road I got to hear about how wonderful John Boener's public hissy fit ("have you read it?" - yes, we have, obviously you haven't) was a wonderful speech and an amazing piece of... sorry, just threw up in my mouth there. All this even though it did exactly dick on the floor. John expended a great deal of what little political capitol he had on this. And he finally realized he had been had. And he knows now that with the brinksmanship, he was holding the fuzzy end of the lollipop.

And now the conservatives are scrambling to make sure this isn't their Waterloo. The good news for them is that liberals, for the most part, aren't mean people. We don't kick when you're down. It's one of our differences. That will let the talking heads have their space to rewrite history to show how they were victorious; the whole, "bipartisan opposition to the bill" and "48% opposed the bill" (missing some 13-16% because it was too conservative) arguments.

The conservatives continue to emulate the actions of the school yard bully. Once their threats and bluffs are called and they're given a bloody nose, they still bluster and foam so that people who didn't notice the punch might think they got the better of the deal.

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