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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

And some more politics

Sometimes, if you watch the crazy long enough, the truth will out. Remember when Sharron Angle was the darling of the conservatives and the Tea Party when she was ahead in polls and looked likely to unseat Harry Reid? Yeah, not so much these days (even though the polling is still close). Also see here, and here. okay, well, that last one is just cluelessness.

And yes, Rep. Charlie Rangle is gone, baby, gone. What I think is very funny is how actual actions by the Ethics Committee is being spun as "the dems have not changed anything after promising to 'drain the swamp'," by people like Rep. Boener. Oh really, Johnny boy. Let's see, we have an actual working Ethics Committee that has the balls to bring down a chairman. Say, how did the Ethics Committee work when you and Hasteurt were in charge? Oh yeah, it didn't. Or do I need to say bad words like Vitter and Ensign who are facing criminal charges relating to their inability to keep it in their pants, all of which occurred on your watch. Or say, how about Jack Abramoff, just how well did the Ethics Committee under your rule work on that? Oh, right, they didn't because you gutted their office and didn't actually assign people to work on it. Tell ya what, Johnny boy, I'll take all the Democratic representative scandals of the past four years and stack them up against just the Gay Sex Republican scandals. I still think I'll come out on top.

I was working up a post on this one, but the Washington Monthly beat me to it. It seems strange that those who say they love and honor the Constitution as it was originally written would be working so hard to amend it on so many points. And then there's this Washington Post editorial on political amnesia. (both grokked from Jay Lake) All those wonderful conservatives and their small government and no deficit spending. Yes they all forget about how this coming "tax raise" is actually a programmed end to tax cuts because even at the time of a Republican President and control of both House and Senate, they couldn't stomach the financial problems of making those cuts permanent. And that when those tax cuts were initially brought it, the former VP himself, the Cheney Man, said "Deficits don't matter." Yeah, the people who more than doubled the government and brought about greater deficit spending than any previous administration, let's put those people back in charge. Um, wait a sec, couple their previous transgressions with the worse GNP growth over a decade since the Great Depression, and maybe we ought to rethink those policies.

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