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Friday, August 6, 2010

Final Grades

Okay, well, I guess I shouldn't have changed that one answer, because I only got one wrong on the test. Damnit. So that's 149/150 or 99.33% for the final. Overall that makes 328 out of 330 points, or 99.39%. Overall there were 5 extra points you could make, so really I had 328 out of 335, which is 97.91%.

Have I said how much I like math and doing numbers?

The question I got wrong? What is the meaning of the prefix "dia-". I eliminated two of the responses right off the bat and was left with "flow" and "complete." I thought it was complete and marked that first. I also put a tick next to the question which tells me to go back and check my answer after reading the whole test. There was no other help on the test so I tried to remember all the words I could come up with, such as dialysis, diaphragm, diaspora, etc. I had a transient thought of dialysis meaning "complete breakdown" and how that wasn't really what we did in dialysis, and thought I remembered that being discussed in class (many medical terms aren't reducible, some are historical anomalies like phlebotomy and orthopedist, some are just not close to what the root and extra parts mean). But then I thought of diaphragm and diaspora and thought they described a "flow" and changed my answer to "flow." Well, as we all know now, "dia-" means complete.

So, a little disappointing after the 103+% in the previous class, but still, nothing to sneeze at. In this class I don't have any comparison to others. There wasn't as much student interaction during class other than "Hey, how are you" and "Did you do well on the test." I didn't hear any "I've just gotta get a C in the class" conversations like I did for the previous. So there's no knowing how well I stacked up against the other students in this or the other classes this professor taught (in the earlier class the prof let me know that in approaching the final exam there were four of us who had already earned Bs with the points we had accumulated).


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on completing the class and screwing up the curve!

I probably would have gone with flow, too.

Anonymous Cassie

Steve Buchheit said...

Cassie, well, there's no curve for health care. After all, would you want your blood drawn by the "C" student who just had to do better than half the class?