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Monday, August 2, 2010

My God, it's full of links

Elder Signs Press is having a "Haiku for Cthulhu" contest going on. Come on, you know you wanna. Plus, three prizes, all include books. What's not to like?

On NPR last week there were several stories about book publishing. First up was a literary agency publishing their backlisted author's ebooks. While there are points to be made all around, and I trust the agency to do a much better job at ebook publishing than the hackers and rippers out there, I do see the argument from the publisher's side. What the agency is pushing is also, to some degree, the product of the publisher as well. Just a reminder that book publishing is not like how it's portrayed in the movies and tv shows. Don't believe me? Ask your favorite author about "editorial letters" and see what you don't know (both about the process and the mental stability of the author).

And because I haven't processed all of the ramifications, yet, free books for donations is noted without comment.

Michelle Sagara West on something that is "what she said" worthy. And yes, I too am guilty of meeting famous writers only to start the conversation with, "I'm sorry, I haven't read your stuff, yet." The fabulous L. E. Modesitt, author of The Magic of Recluce (which comes highly recommended) I'm thinking of you right this moment. Michelle also quips something about only avoiding her if you really don't like her. How can you not like Michelle? I haven't read any of her books yet (which also come highly recommended), though. But hey, the only moments I got to spend with her was while she was standing at Larry & Sally's booth going over just how they managed the logistics of selling books at cons. And Michelle even made that fun (okay, I have to admit, I had been thinking of the exact same questions in previous months, so there was the guilty pleasure of learning about Larry and Sally's business).

Another reason I hate Microsoft.

And just because it was relevant to an IM conversation, the Gumbys. And with that, I fall in love with the internet all over again. "My brain hurts."


vince said...

The Gumbys are one of my favorite things about Monty Python.

Steve Buchheit said...

Vince, I had forgotten about them in the overall scheme of things. However, when a friend started describing them, it started coming back.