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Singing songs and carrying signs
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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Con Ho!

Okay, we'll, I'm actually there already. We're (the royal we're) at Penguicon on the outskirts of Detroit. Enjoying a bunch of good talks both formal and barcon. Got to hang with friends last night. Penguicon is an interesting mix of tracks from literature (where I'm on the docket), coding, environmental, personal development, costuming, gaming, and a few lectures. So it's got an unique vibe.

Right now I'm sitting in a panel on fanfic, something that's always fascinated me.

Just a thought in passing on fandom, if you're a fan and you have doubts about how going to a con to see your favorite author or scientist or whatever, or want to dress up as one if their characters, and you think it doesn't affect that author or mean anything, perish the thought. While the object of your "affection" (for the lack of a better word) may have some trepidation (as in, who is this stalker, and do I have a lawyer to get a restraining order kind of way) they totally get geeked and stoked on such things. It's like a level up moment. This was a sub-discussion at dinner, so you're hearing this second-hand.

Conversions are good for several other things, on the attending side. If you think your the only one who likes certain things (computers, sf/f, horror, comics, dressing up as yor favorite characters, dressing up fantastically, have a fuzzy love, whatever) here is your community. And if you like parts of that and other parts squick you out (fuzzies still give me a weirded out feeling, but it's not so pronounced any more - do what thou wilt, dudes), cons normally have clauses on participation and consent. Currently in this room the ages span from probably late teens/early twenties to fifty, there are three code-heads (one of whom made a comment about soldering before the panel) there's a person with a staff, one Leia (white princess dress), numerous "normal" people, and one proto steam punk. Nobody is judging. This is your tribe.

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