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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bladesman, synopsis v3.0

Okay, with a few word swaps, I think we're good to try the next on in the field.
Gary Mullens, would be bladesman to the Hernadez family, finds himself in a professional no-mans land. Having been coerced to leave the position of gunboy and train for bladesman, he isn't either when a Chinese Tong makes a play to take over the Hernandez business and territory. Without a sensei to finish his bladesman training or a steady position, Gary works piecemeal as an enforcer while he attempts to prove his worth to Old Man Hernandez. In his first major engagement with a blade, Gary doesn't start off well by not being able to stop the Chinese from electrocuting Mr. Hernandez's son-in-law.

Things quickly get worse. In a criminal environment populated with thumpers and gunboys with only a handful of bladesmen, the Chinese have upped the ante by deploying a magician. Never mind the gun fights, Gary brings a sword to a magic fight and must learn how to win. Fortunately Gary has a few blades up his sleeve.

With the help of the Hernandez's new chief of security and a computer hacker, Gary builds a picture of the opposition and begins to roll back the Chinese Tong's offensive. Starting by clearing them out of the street he lives on, the fights Gary gets into continue to escalate in both the skill he needs to bring and for the stakes involved. Gary must work through continued misdirection by the Chinese Tong, navigate the criminal infrastructure of the city to bring competing factions together, survive assassination attempts on him and Mr. Hernandez, internalize the lessons his sensei taught him, and find the magician before all of the city falls into Chinese hands.

Along the way Gary finds the people he needs to help complete his training with the sword and forges stronger ties to his city. He learns that being a bladesman isn't the glamorous job he once thought it was. To defeat the magician, Gary must use all of his talents and knowledge to find the magician's layer and kill him. When he leads the assault on the magician's hideout, Gary struggles to maintain the Hernandez's honor and be victorious. In the process of winning Gary learns what price his new job will ask of him and that honor isn't all it's cracked up to be.

And now we look at who gets plagued submitted to next.

Edited It's now off to the next batch of four agents. We'll see how well this one goes.

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