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A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Friday, June 22, 2012


So, there's been updates on the Reboot Project. Two weeks ago I went and had a physical and blood tests to see if the immunizations took. Because, you know, it would be good to know if the Hep B series stuck as that's an 8 month process. Good news is that I'm good to go.

Which is also good because I was offered the chance to start the Evening and Weekend Nursing program early. Which I took a pass on, but made sure they had my test results anyway. The E/W Nursing program is Plan B, and I applied just in case things went south with the day job.

Which it's a good thing I passed on the Nursing because yesterday I was offered an opportunity to start the Radiology Tech Program a year early. And I'm taking that. So this Fall I'll be a full time student and working full time. Yeah, it's going to be crazy.

Just told the day thing today. There are small freakouts going on in the background. I'm pretty sure I've convinced my bosses that it'll be okay. They just won't be able to grab me at anytime and add to my workload. Which, I have a feeling, the people who use that the most are the ones panicking. Unfortunately since I'm late to the program, I can't get the best choice of lab times, so things this Fall are going to be even more hectic than I had wanted.

But when I left college the first time with my BFA, I had to quit 2 jobs (Admissions Office and Bookstore), stop painting houses on the weekend, and drop a few clients (they weren't paying hardly at all anyway). While I'm not as young as I was then, I think I can pull this off.

When I'm going to get writing done or any sleep for that matter, is anybody's guess.

So here I am crossing my fingers.


Elizabeth said...

Congrats on the early acceptance!

Steve Buchheit said...

Hey Elizabeth, thanks. I keep going from "This is so kewl! Let's go, let's go" and "ZOMG, how am I going to survive all this?"

vince said...


But yeah, sleep is going to be at a premium.

Steve Buchheit said...

Thanks, Vince. I've already started into the routine of making ice tea for the week so I can carry it with me. I'll be at the altar of St. Caffeine in case anybody needs me.