No doorways, no windows, no walls
No shelter here on the ground
No standing and no safe place to fall
Just the promise of this distant sound
Bells are ringing all over the world

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Weekend Linkee-poo saw the Buddha open up his eyes one Sunday morning

Because, when you're in to hockey, you're into hockey. A DYI Zamboni for those DIY backyard rinks. (Pointed to by Dan)

Pantone announces the color of the year for 2013. It's emerald in case you don't want to click through. Start your plans to pain your house now.

The Santa Lie. Maybe it's his relationship to Zwarte Piet?

"In a stomach turning display, Republican senators, each in turn, stopped to pay their respects to Dole before the vote as he sat there weak and shrunken in his wheelchair on the Senate floor, and the malignant disgusting hypocrisy of it all just completely escaped them." Jim Wright on the the conservatives disgracing our country this past week by voting down the international treaty written by one of their own. Seriously, what kind of fucktards did conservatives send to the Senate anyway. Just when I think they can't get any lower, they go spelunking to find whole new depths of sociopathy.

And then there's the plethora of ideas for how the GOP can move forward. I say at this point, set it on fire and leave it on the Heritage Foundation's doorstep. (Grokked from Jay Lake)

Sucks when you point out the logical inconsistencies that exist in the conservative world. In this case, if you write a memo that shows how the free market jargon doesn't quite jive with strengthening and lengthening copyright you'll be shown the door. (Pointed to by Dan)

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