What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Monday, June 1, 2015

Linkee-poo bet your mama was a tent show queen and all her boyfriends were sweet sixteen

Jim Hines with more thoughts on the Scalzi deal. Plus, are people seriously arguing that $3.4 over a decade is not enough cash to enjoy life? That's an average of $340,000 a year (note, deal most likely isn't based on a yearly amount, but as books are delivered, edited, and published), or (without doing hard math)$150,000 after taxes, agent cut, fees, titling and delivery charges. WT Total F?

S. Andrew Swann on foreshadowing the crap out of everything and how that leads to the page turning.

What should come as no surprise at this time, an "(a)nalysis of the last 15 years of winners of six major literary awards by the critically acclaimed author Nicola Griffith has found that a novel is more likely to land a prize if the focus of the narrative is male" But, shh, the puppies aren't listening. Also, women are still hitting the glass ceiling in an industry that supposedly had shattered it. (Grokked from Terri Windling)

An electronic billboard that recognizes police uniforms and can switch ads depending on who is looking. For your dystopian-future world-building exercises. (Grokked from Dan)

Drunken chipmunk. A cellphone game of the "like this if you agree" type in an attempt to go viral. With ads (or public service messages).I suggest listening to the story.

Why you should always get a receipt. Woman drops off late husband's Apple I computer at recycling center without knowing it was worth a few hundred thousand. The center sold the computer for $200,000, half of which should go to her. Unfortunately, because she didn't want a receipt for taxes, the center doesn't have her name or contact info. (Grokked from Morgan J Locke)

Message to my Freshman Class. Wow. Okay. First of all ::slow clap::. But I have a feeling someone is going to learn a lesson with this class, and I'm not entirely certain it's only going to be your students. Dr. Keith M. Parsons, if you're tenured, god bless you, sir. I'll point out that doesn't have the same level of imperviousness as it used to have. But your administration may differ from your stance on your roll in educating students. Your view was the prevailing thought when I went to university. Much of the world has changed since then. Your administration no longer sees those kids (and not-so-kids these days) as students, but as customers. And they expect you to behave like that's the case. And if you were an adjunct, you'd most certainly understand that by now. BTW, if you can do this, I hope you're working hard on your committees to help protect the adjuncts so that they have the same freedom who think you still have. And if you're not (or you don't think it's your responsibility), I'll just call you the asshole you are at this point and move on. Also, as someone who has just gone back to school for retraining, if I was taking your course it most certainly matters how you help me learn, and the quality of your presentation. And if it's not helpful to me, you can bet I'll ask for my money back (because if you haven't seen what you charge for tuition lately, you might want to look and then compare it to the average income). If you stand in my way, I will steamroller you to get to that fountain of knowledge you believe you are the keeper of. And finally, while I can't find the youtube video of it, I'll point you to the line in the Big Bang Theory, Season 2: Episode 4 - "The Griffin Equivalency" when Dr. Gablehauser asks the boys what the goal of the University is. The answer? "To make money." - Dr. Gablehauser, "See, I told ya so" - Howard Wolowitz. (Grokked from someone, sorry, dropped the link)

"As more and more parents choose to skip vaccinations for their children, public health professionals and researchers have been looking at new ways to ease the concerns of parents who are hesitant… But that turns out to be tough to do. Studies have found that simply educating parents about the safety and efficacy of vaccines doesn't increase the likelihood that they will get children vaccinated." Stupid is as stupid does. There are other studies that have found that as people who hold unsupported positions based on emotional response, when presented with factual information that refutes their beliefs, they cling even more closely to those beliefs and are not swayed. Plus, the researchers must have missed the other studies where people have been shown to not follow doctor's directives regarding their own health care.

"The string of massive snowstorms and bone-chilling cold on the US east coast, as well as flooding in Britain and record temperatures in Europe, are linked to rapid ice loss in the Arctic, new research appears to confirm." We're boned. (Grokked from Morgan J Locke)

Professional skeleton and part-time Fox Gadfly, Ann Coulter said, "No fat chicks… when it comes to immigration. When she's in charge. Fortunately, a civil society would never let a sociopath in charge of anything.

Remember when conservatives were all against frivolous lawsuits? Well, now that their 30 year plan to instill ideologically-aligned judges into the federal judiciary, they see the courts as their strongest ace in the hole.

Apparently it is a thing. "Ritzheimer said he organized the protest in response to a similar cartoon contest in Garland, Texas that was interrupted by two alleged Islamic State sympathizers… Ritzheimer told television station KSAZ on Friday that he was going into hiding after the rally, which drew hundreds of people, including many who opposed him." You know, this peaceful guy. And now he wants your cash to keep his family safe, or run for Senate (I guess he's never heard of election reporting rules). $10 Million should do it, he thinks.

Guns, guns, and more guns. It's called a "fetish" and it doesn't look good on you all. And here, again, will I give you my advice for the Y2K hysteria, if you're going to go get a gun for "security", if you're not putting at least a thousand rounds through it every year, you aren't trained to use it properly. If those teachers aren't re-certified every year to use those riles (and you refresh you ammunition stock at least every five years) you're just asking for trouble.

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