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Friday, June 26, 2015

The slippery flag pole of myopic history

Rush Limbaugh, and the ditto heads, have made a point about how if we're going to ban the Stars and Bars because of its racist heritage, then Old Glory is just as steeped in the blood of slaves. They then go on to lament and rend their garments wondering when the leftists will be coming for the flag.

And it is true, Old Glory is just as guilty as the Confederate Battle Flag when it comes to slavery and the institution of white supremacy.


Here are somethings Old Glory did that the Stars and Bars never did.
  • She flew on US Navy ships sent to the coast of Africa to stop slaver ships from transporting more slaves out of Africa
  • She flew over Union Troops who fought against the institution of slavery and held the country together
  • She flew over Negro Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen, some of the most decorated servicemen in our history
  • She flew over the US Military as they integrated before most other institutions integrated
  • She flew above the White House as the Civil Rights Act was signed
  • She flies above the White House currently occupied by the first African-American President
  • She flies over immigrant, minority, the dispossessed, as well as the majority

Now, she's also flown over many a disgraceful act, even at the same time she presided over some of the above. So her history is a complex and difficult one. Even to this day. But she's stood for the freedom of all American citizens.

The Stars and Bars has only stood for one thing. She flew over rebels and traitors to the United States. She flew over troops fighting to keep slavery enshrined in their law (and to expand African slavery to the Western Hemisphere). And, after she had been torn down by the victory of her opponents, she next arose to fly over the Klan and over other white supremacy groups formed for one purpose, to keep anyone not white oppressed and afraid. And finally she only returned to national prominence when Civil Rights and desegregation were becoming law, to stand in opposition.

This is why the Stars and Bars should be relegated to the museums, as a symbol of a dark chapter of our history.

Old Glory may not be unsullied, but she has stood for the better angels of our nature as well. And for that, she will remain. And it's only because people like Rush and the ditto heads can't see what progress she has stood for (because they disagree that it has been progress) why they think this may happen. As with so many other things, they stand on the wrong side of history. And it's to their shame they can't see that.

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