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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

With the Gods, Nothing Is Left Undone

Oh Great Internet Brain, I'm looking for a mythology reference with dates (even if relative). Not in a "Greek Mythology as we know it started in…", but more granular. See, I know that Greek Mythology (sorry, but it's the mythology I know best) evolved over time. It started (or at least became codified) as a matriarchal system that didn't include Zeus or many of the male gods we know now to be part of Greek Myth. For many hundreds of years Hera was the prime deity, and her daughters ruled the cosmos. It was only after the northern Greeks (who did not have an island culture, but lived up toward the Alps) invaded the islands that Zeus and his sons became the dominate culture (but Hera worship was so strong she and her daughters survived until Roman culture supplanted Greek and appropriated the various gods into their pantheon). I know other religions also evolved in this manner (you can look at Christianity and what their focus through the ages have been, for example the concept of the end of the world isn't new, it presaged and pervaded the thoughts of the middle ages European Christianity, but the concept of the Rapture, which is strong in the evangelical community in America, is less than 200 years old). The stories change. In Egypt the mythos constantly changed as the power struggles between the priests ebbed and flowed. But I'm looking for a reference that shows how they've changed and when. There's plenty of "we've got the Gods, all the Gods, on discount" sites, but I haven't found one that gives the provenance and history of the individual mythologies. And I haven't seen any that say, "at this time in history, this was the prevalent belief system within this mythos."

Anyone know of any?


LC said...

I don't know of a good source on this but I wonder if the well-referenced Theoi site might have a lead or two?

Steve Buchheit said...

Will look into it, LC. Thanks. I don't believe I've discovered that site before.