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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bragging Rights

For a long time I used to have an "In Progress" side bar, but that didn't get updated all that often. Then other stories would take off and zoom past the stubs I'm pushing toward the end, so I stopped it. It might come back in a different incarnation, but I've removed it and replaced it with one called "Bragging Rights." Right now this contains some placement info from the Writers of the Future Contest (3 Finalists and 2 Honorable Mentions, I had forgotten one Finalist placement, but I was going through updating my paperwork and discovered it), but will (hopefully soon) contain some published credits. Plus I also get the nicest rejection letters.


Ken McConnell said...

I guess I don't have any bragging rights. Maybe I should enter some contests some time. I guess that looks pretty spiffy on your agent queries.

Note to self: Self, enter a contest or something.

Todd Wheeler said...

Nice list of credits. One day there will be that published story.

Steve Buchheit said...

Ken, the Writers of the Future is an excellent contest if you qualify. They pay excellent, and do a workshop, all expenses paid (I think). Sometimes I worry that I'll disqualify before I win. Then there's the other times where they drive me insane.

Thanks, Todd. I'm hoping that there will be one before the end of the year, or early next year.

Ken McConnell said...

I do still qualify for Writers of the Future. I have only sold one short story. Trouble is, my best stuff is already out there and waiting to be heard from.

I guess the next time I get back a piece I should enter it in the contest instead of shipping it back out again to someone new.

Steve Buchheit said...

Ken, I would definately enter then. In 6 months you'll have your manuscript back, and even if you win you haven't sold/lost any rights. Plus, the pay is better than any market out there (except the New Yorker and Playboy). For me, WotF tends to be the first market I send a story to, unless I write a story for a specific market (like Robert's Thunder).