And they come with no warning,
nature loves her little surprises.
Continual crisis!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Yes, Jim, we now have snow here in NE Ohio. It probably won't stick (and it really wasn't on more than roofs and cars). But there were the pellets of snow (first lake effect snows come as pellets).

Also, in puppy news, apparently the puppy likes being outdoors. This is good news as we've been trying to figure out how to have her indoors. So now a dog house purchase will probably be in our future. I did make a crude shelter for her out of some hay bales we had with a tarp thrown over the top.


Jim Wright said...

Well, all right! Everybody should be enjoying snow.

Actually after our big snow fall last week, we haven't seen but a few flakes - which is aggravating my son who just got a new snowboard and is waiting impatiently for a couple of feet of fluffy white stuff.

straw bales make a good winter dog house. Put a sheet of OSB (cheap) or outdoor plywood (expensive) on the top of the bale walls, and put more bales on top. Snow will melt and refreeze making it an indestructible, well-insulated fortress. Hang a flap of heavy cloth or plastic (I use an old rubber truck floor mat on my kennel) as a door and spread some loose straw on the floor inside. Cheap, easy, and very comfortable for the pooch. And in the spring, you can spread the straw over your strawberries.

Steve Buchheit said...

Jim, I have OSB out in the barn, but completely forgot about it in the rush, so I used some old plywood I had, one for a floor (so the little pooch was up off the ground) and another to hold bales for the roof. I didn't have anything for a door, but I put some other bales a little off to break any wind that might come from the south (wind here is mostly from the north and west). I don't think the poocher used it at all. If we do keep her we'll probably get something more permanent. It was only when I was driving home (as it was getting dark) that I remembered the OSB in the barn (it's there to cut yard decorations for my wife).