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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I support this message...

All around niffy kind of guy Jim C. Hines is taking time out of his busy schedule of working the day job and writing his next book (which I believe is titled, Hear a Goblin, They're a Goblin) to think of other people this holiday season. I support him whole-heartedly, especially because of his choice of recipient and choice of what he's donating. Jim's asking for published authors to share some signed copies of their books that he will see get to his local women's shelter. My local shelter is my prefered philanthropic cause, and they have more business than they can handle.

As Jim says, the women and families that come to the shelter have typically fled their homes with not much more than the clothes on their backs. It helps to have a wide variety of things on hand at these shelters, including gifts for the holidays. This is a very rough transition these women and kids are going through. Many will return to the homes they've fled, usually the first time. I think it helps the councelors and volunteers mission to be able to show these women that others are supportive of their choice to leave. They have so little when they arrive, being able to have one or two things they can take with them means a great deal. Personal things, not just clothes and a direction.

So if you're an author, got some stock and would like to help a good cause, I recommend you take up Jim's call.

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