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Friday, December 21, 2007

Attend the Tale

Sweeny Todd (warning, site plays music at you, it's soft, but still) opens this weekend. Given the fact that in the past 48 hours I've heard several news stories on various programs, and interviews on media focused programs, the buzz is building. And as you all know, I'm very squee over the whole thing. What what I understand the irascible Steve Sondheim actually likes this rendition of his musical. However, the one part of the various critiques and reviews I've heard is that it is very bloody. I don't need to see that, especially at Xmas.

So, I probably won't see it in theaters unless it has a long run, but it will probably end up in my extensive DVD collection.

Yes, I know what the story is about (I've seen it on stage), I know that the kiddies loves the splatter, but that's not what the musical is about. It's not a gore story, it's a love/revenge story. It's a "do not screw with the small guy who isn't bolted together correctly" kind of story. Plus, the whole plot revolves around how the Demon Barber was able to conceal what he was actually doing, so big splattertings in the middle of a city (even as grimy as London was at the time, coal power anybody?) are likely to draw the wrong attentions.

Anyway, it sounds like it's going to be an excellent movie. Don't forget to get the Coke and Mrs. Lovett's meat pies before going in to the theater (and if nobody is doing that promotion, there are some marketing people who need to be fired). Shave?


ThatGreenyFlower said...

Great temptation bite, Steve! Now I'm all excited to see the movie.

Steve Buchheit said...

If it was at any other time than Xmas, I probably would be lining up to see it, I would endure the "filled movie theater" crowds to see this one. I understand the "it's a musical, so it probably will only play at Xmas, plus there's all the awards and the money at that time" thing going on.

The other major thing I've heard was the critiques of the stars' singing voices and how that plays to the music. How Jonny Depp's voice is more pop-musical and breathy, but other reviews says it really roughens up and works well for the "angry at the world" songs.

So, yeah, if seeing blood spattering isn't going to ruin your day, I would highly recommend it. I should say that this reluctance is part me and part Bette.

Anonymous said...

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Steve Buchheit said...

Adam, blow off, fargin' spammer.

Oh, and if it takes you a month to get back to me (of which it didn't because I never asked you a thing) you're an incredibly inconsiderate jerkwad.

Jim Wright said...

Yeah, piss off Adam.

I think this dipshit rolled past my site a while back. Same idiot message. Does the IP address map to Israel?