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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hot New Toy for Xmas, Tickle Me Jesus

Just, OMG. And I love the picture and some of the google links, because no boy would play with dolls. Actually I'm wondering how Jesus will hold up under the GI Joe/SNAKE Assault. Strap a handkerchief parachute to him and throw (wasn't that the First Last Temptation in the Desert?)! I wonder if he has King-Fu Grip? Well, at least they didn't make him blonde, but he looks awfully white for a middle-eastern man. And I want the Moses doll, what's not to like about an old-man doll (and if that doesn't creep you out).

OMG. I'm just laughing. I mean, plastic hair? I guess God doesn't need marketing data for what little girls like to play with. And didn't anybody really notice the forests of naked Barbies across the land? Didn't they think about that? Well, I'm sure he's not anatomically correct. I'm imagining Talk Jesuses (Jesusii?) across the land, naked in the snow banks, spouting Mathew, Luke and John. Although (fits of laughter) New! for next year, Talking Jesus Doll with Real Blood(tm) Wounds of the Cross (help your children get their stigmata righ!). And get all the accessories, "Just Friends" Mary Magdalene (oh, think of the clothing accessories for that one, before and after saved, and she would have to have Real Hair), the Garden of Gesthemane Play Set (ha ha ha ha), "True Wood of the Cross" Calvary, and Clearing Out the Moneychangers Temple, Empty Tomb Playset (Jesus not included).

Need to stop before I get hysterics. No, really, WalMart has sold out of these.

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