And they come with no warning,
nature loves her little surprises.
Continual crisis!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

So that's where they've been keeping the weather!

The weather is here. Snow fell hard and fast yesterday afternoon, but fortunately didn't keep up the pace. This snow were micro pellets, like ice balls covered in frosting. I was in the Dollar General talking to a major about some dead trees on their lot, it was maybe half an hour when I came out to find my car covered. And it was slick. Only about an eight of an inch, but I could feel my tires slipping on the road as I did the rest of my errands (dropped off a get well card to a friend that suffered a stroke at the beginning of the month, bought flowers for my wife, dropped off some mail). It maybe made an inch of snow out there, before switching to sleet. I woke up twice last night to the sound of fairies throwing ice balls at my window. Fortunately they were the pixie sized fairies so the balls were really tiny, but there was a gaggle of them. This morning was freezing rain. And now we have the wind that sounds like thundering trains (or low flying C-130s, which we do get here from time to time).

So I think winter has finally come. I'm not so sure I like this one so far. Once we get to the good heavy-flake snow we'll be okay until we hit the very dry powder snow.

Today is back to cleaning and getting ready for Xmas.


Matt Mitchell said...

A gaggle of pixie-sized fairies throwing snowballs at your window... I love collective nouns, one of my favorite parts of speech, especially when used creatively :-)

gaggle... heh

Steve Buchheit said...

I was trying to think, now just what would a bunch of pixies be? Court? Nope, sounds too formal. Murder? They're not crows. And then I had a picture of them working their way through the snow and leaves, and they bobbed and weaved just like geese. Gaggle it was.