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What if all the switches get stuck on destroy?
When the shuttle goes, we won't take it
When the final counter-measures are deployed
All we'll have is all this time

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Less of Me

Since Adam (the dick spammer) was talking about diets in the previous comment thread, I thought I would just let you all know that yesterday I had another doctors appointment. Since September I've lost another nine pounds. As my doctor said, given that this is over the holidays he is damn glad to see I'm on track and continuing to lose weight (I was also worried). So, since I've been monitored (which started after I was losing weight, IMHO) I've lost 18 pounds since July. And it's only because I've been drinking less pop (Dr. Pepper is my preferred high fructose corn syrup ingestion device) and been using Metaformin. That means that if my insulin begins working well when I get far enough down in weight, there is very little chance I will yo-yo back when I go off the Metaformin (as there is no maintenance diet to keep to). I'm still north of 300 pounds (I carry my weight very well distributed, although I was getting a good sized middle, which is still the case as I've been losing my ass, which is normal with diets) so there's a long way to go. Also, my body is able to adapt to the slow weight loss. I don't crave anything, and I really don't deny myself much. This is the way to lose weight, if you can do it. Yes, I know, you all hate me. I'll deal with it.

Also, since it's the Holidays, Merry Christmas and Joyous Season of Lights everybody. My posting will be sporadic over the coming week. We've got all those aforementioned family things to do. I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating the Solstice in your preferred manner/tradition. While I always give Bette the option to open one present on Solstice she so far has declined. So we will do the traditional Xmas time opening of our gifts.

Also, lots of driving will be done. Today Bette said she wanted to see The Golden Compass before it leaves the theaters. Going to a movie means driving 30+ minutes, so we make it a whole day event, so there will be some shopping (ugh, Xmas Tide, have I mentioned that I don't like crowds. I'm not agoraphobic, and if I was running I would want a crowd, but I don't like to go through them, too many targets and way to many idiots).

Speaking of idiots, Adam, do us all a favor, drop down a cyber-well and die.


Todd Wheeler said...

Merry merry and happy new you too!

Matt Mitchell said...

I don't hate you steve; I hate ass-piss Adam, though. That's as bad as those F***ers who call your house with a GD recording, asking you to press 1 if you're interested and making you go through a whole menu to get yourself off the list, which probably only moves you up higher on the list, or puts you on another couple of lists. Can't they understand I'll never, never, ever buy anything they could possibly offer? Ugh. I hate all spammers of phones, email, snailmail and comment forms. And don't give me that "I'm just doing my job" BS; get a job that doesn't involve being a lowlife and I won't give you grief. Have a nice day.

Congrats on the weight loss, Steve! Sorry about the rant :-)

Anonymous said...

another steve
I assume you have blood sugar problems. I have the other problem,low blood sugar. It is strange, if not funny, that as the medications changed I went from 165 to 250 and then a waifering back to 170 all in a year or two.
I am also facing a water heater that died rather than giving one more shower. My wife and I are genuinely foolish enough to think we can install it ourselves. It is an electric water heater and we have a friend who is an electrician.
All in all it is much easier than tossing horses, with or without horseshoes.
Have a brilliant holiday amid sordid problems what life presents. The diamond in the coalfield is what the holidays are about.
My friend, whom I never met, we will make it through together. That assumes you have many books for me to read. I am still trying to submit the first one.

Anonymous said...

another steve
Perhaps I was just a bit overly dramatic on that last post. I fear it is first time writer's syndrome. This too shall pass. Season's greeting to all.

Steve Buchheit said...

Matt, I hope you took my comments on your site as the in the joshing manner I meant them. The unfortunate thing about spammers is that they get some response, and since the cost differential is nothing to send one million emails versus one thousand emails, they have no incentive to target their audience (also, because they can brag about the size of their mailings, wrangling more business, they have every incentive to bomb everybody). This is different than direct mail firms which, normally, highly target their mailings (the problem is some of their marketing data).

Another Steve, yes, I have "Metabolic Syndrome" (formerly known as Insulin Resistance). This means my body is still producing insulin, but it doesn't work so well, so it over produces (which causes a whole host of other problems). There can be many causes of this, but my doctor feels it's connected to my weight (which since I was 25 has gone from 230 to topping out at 330 last year, when I just turned 41). The hope is that as I lose weight, the insulin will work better and I'll be able to stop taking metaformin. And then it's up to me to maintain my weight. Last February I felt my body change, and I started a program to stop drinking pop, with the metaformin I no longer crave it like I did before (probably because the sugars are being processed properly, instead of just being stored as fats).

Also, good luck with the submissions. It's something we all go through.

Matt Mitchell said...

Hey, that thread on my blog was all about joshing, so yeah, that's how I took it :-)