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Continual crisis!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Coasting for the moment

In one of those "blah" kind of moods. To many whacks from the "This Is Life" stick right at the moment.

We have some sort of agreement for the Union on our new contract, but we aren't voting on it until the 5th (maybe, still only a rumor), won't get the new details of the plans until that week. Right now the rumors are flying. Some are okay, some sound like deal breakers. At least to me they do.

We have the first quotes for the water heater. Ick! Okay, well, on further research a 40 gallon hot-water tank with power vent is about $650. But full installation taking the overall price to twice that (well, in the mid $1300). The tankless heater was double what I expected on the low end and about half as much more as the high end (nearly $3000), and I don't think I would save that much in gas. The quotes also weren't itemized, nor was there a list of what services they would actually be providing. Why does it seem that contractors haven't realized they're no longer working in the 80s? Why must it always be a struggle?

The family is coming up to our house for the family Xmas. There's a whole bunch of stuff there that I don't want to get into right now, but lets just say that this is more draining than just the cleaning, finishing up projects, and prepping for the meal. Family.

And to add on top, I feel like I've been slacking off lately and am in the self-punishment mode of that whole process. Damn gremlins of the mind. Any one of these I could probably handle with good grace, but it's all coming together at once.

On the plus side, though, if that I have most of next week off from the day thing. Only have to work Wednesday.

Hope you all's holidays are going better.


Ken McConnell said...

Hang in there Steve. We're going to AZ to stay with my Mom and brother for the next week. Should be somewhat relaxing, after we get past the visit the fire truck museum and the zoo and all that stuff.

Good thing is I get to have some cool chats with my bro about SF and Macs and all that brother stuff we never seen to have the chance to do on a regular basis anymore.

Matt Mitchell said...

Have you thought about converting to an electric water heater? Down here the power company will give you an electric WH if you're switching from gas. I took advantage of that a year or two ago, and a friend of mine helped me put it in. FREE!

As for the holidays, man I can sypathize. Sorry it's so hard on you right now. My recommendation: Watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. It always cheers me up :-)

Steve Buchheit said...

Thanks Ken, this is just kind of a "bleh" feeling. The "I don't wanna get outa bed and go to school" sentiment, but adulticised. This isn't the blues (and I hope to stave those off). Hope you have a great time in Arizonia land. Are you someplace where it'll snow (like around Flagstaff) or where it's now tolerably warm?

Matt, the thermal properties of gas work better for me (plus gas is a little less expensive to run, although they cost more at the start). I'm getting more quotes and doing more research. I have a horizontal (aka, "through the wall") vent, so I'm finding that this doubles the cost of the water heater. I do like that electric water heaters have a greater R value on their insulation. For our local electric company we only get a discount if we are all electric (heat, appliances, etc). In our village we have crappy electrical service. It's better now since we as the Village complained (and held some of our Village payments in escrow) and they are working to get us another direct line, but in the past month the electricity has gone out three times (15 minutes,, 45 minutes, and 3+ hours) and flickered a few more. At worse I can light my gas stove and keep some heat in the house (it hasn't come to that, yet).