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Continual crisis!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Crash and Burn!

So, I'm trying to use a service form a big box store to help do a little thing I need done. Said big box store offers said service happily, as I am told in the actual big box of the store, only I need to call big box service 800 number.

I have some time at work so I call said number listed on big box website only to find it's not the correct number. Three numbers later (and some confusing phone tree tag – hint, use actual descriptions of what the number will connect me with, not marketing crap), five different operators, and a half an hour wasted only to find, that in my area code (of which all 5 operators asked me for) said big box store is unable to provide service.

I live 30 minutes from one store, actually 2 stores are that distant with another 4 stores in the 45-minute range. I drive passed either one or the other on my way home every day. And they don’t provide that service?

Needless to say, I am about to take a 2x4 and go through said big box store enlightening them to the joys of actual customer service. And the good thing is that I can pick one up at said big box store. Convenient that is.

I want to spend about $1500 with them, but nope, that ain't gonna happen because they can't get a good service. So now I'm left to trying to get someone I know in the business to help me out. This is not a viable or acceptable business model.


Jim Wright said...

But, see now, I want to know the service is.

Matt Mitchell said...

Yes! Give, give!!

Steve Buchheit said...

Jim and Matt, well, I need a new water heater before the current one gives way. I've asked around for local plumbers people trust, no answer. It's bad when the people I hang with won't even offer a name. So the Home Depot has a complete replacement program which includes their lines of tankless water-heaters (which I've been eyeing for years). Even Home Depot doesn't have anybody local to me that they trust. Margle! So now I'm looking at buying it myself and having someone install it on the sly (I've never sweated pipe, and it involves more adding more piping to the gas line, so this is probably not the project to learn these things on).

Speaking of which, say, Dan, what are you doing the next few weekends?

ThatGreenyFlower said...

Oh, what a pain in the butt!

And I hate it when retailers think I'm the one who's annoying when I ask them to provide a service that they advertise!

Matt Mitchell said...

Okay, I have a little expertise in this area. I renovated a house last year and absolutely HAD to have a tankless water heater, but I went with the electric instead of the gas. The electric didn't get as hot as the gas, but the water heated up within about 15 secs after turning the faucet on. I installed it myself, using that plastic pipe and the little quicky snap-in couplers they sell at Home Depot. It wasn't very difficult, following the instructions, but then I have some electrical training and I'm not real threatened when working with breakers and wiring. The gas I'm not so sure about (sorry). I wish you lived closer I'd come over and help you out with it.

For the electrical one you had to have four big breakers (like 40amp if I remember correctly). It was very cool to see the little light come on when you turned on the faucet.

Matt Mitchell said...

PS: I bought mine at Lowe's. I get much better service there than at HD.

Steve Buchheit said...

Greeny, well the last person on the phone did appologise, so there was that. I just didn't like that I had to go through that whole phone train wreck when I gave all the others my zip code and they couldn't say, "Sorry, don't offer it for you."

Matt, I think I may have been able to do an electric, but I like the thermal properties of natural gas (well, propane is better, but I have a natural gas connection). I could probably learn to sweat the copper pipes myself, if I didn't think I would feel rushed about it (wouldn't like to go a day without hot water, I'm getting to be a wuse in my old age). But changing up the gas piping throws it out of my category into the realm of being willing to pay someone who has experience doing it complete it fast and competently.

Matt Mitchell said...

Yeah, I'll have to agree there. If I was doing the gas I'd probably hire someone myself.

Jim Wright said...

Too bad I'm not in your neck of the woods, I'd come by and help you out (especially, you know, if there was payment involved, or beer). But you're right, if you haven't sweated pipe this ain't the time to learn, goes double for gas line.

Steve Buchheit said...

Jim, payment, beer, and tankless waterheater and supplies I can provide. Air fare from Alaska maybe a bit hard for me to gather together (especially since it's a place my wife and I want to go see).