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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend Roundup

Well, first, good guy Jim Wright decided to try for more disability pay and gave himself a good cut (eight stitches and a splint). Why don't you go wish him a speedy recovery.

And now back our regularly scheduled blog.


Fab writer, fellow Genre Bender (which I need to blog more for soon), and all around ham (radio operator) Ken McConnell sent me his book Starstrikers. Thanks, Ken. After reading some of his stuff elsewhere (The Renoke and Ocherva) and blogging with him, I can't wait to get into this. On to the guilt stack it goes. Thanks, Ken.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words.

On the left is the door to the house from the garage, on the right is the pantry I built a few years ago. Above (not pictured) runs the steel beam that supports the second floor. So right where the spigot is, the weight of the house rests (somewhat). You can see where I was able to open up. Beneath is the closest I could get to the spigot from that end. There's a cross beam there, and wood up to above the spigot (you can see the line I created with the knife trying to find an opening). To the left, that opening goes between the two studs. Sixteen on center they're not. That side is mostly open, but it didn't help me see what's going on with the plumbing behind the wall.


vince said...

Yah, Jim was a klutz.

I'm going to have to check out some of Ken McConnell's stuff. It looks interesting.

And I live in an apartment. With a great landlord. So as a former homeowner, I feel your pain, and at the same time am joyful that these are the kinds of problems I no longer have to deal with.

Best of luck on getting everything fixed, and on rescheduling what you really wanted to do yesterday.

Jim Wright said...

Jim was a klutz.

Hey! I heard that!

Thanks guys. Way to go, Ken.

(typing one handed, comments will be brief)

Ken McConnell said...

Thanks for the shiny picture and the plug, Steve! I hope you enjoy the story, when you get to it.

Vince and Jim, thanks for the show of support. There are lots of free samples over at http://starstrikers.ning.com

Oh, and since this is a me, me, me comment; my new mystery novel will be out later this month. http://nullpointer.ning.com

Heel up Jim, we'll miss your posts!

Steve Buchheit said...

Vince, I've lived in apartments most of my life. I'm just glad that we didn't need to pay emergency plumber fees.

::points at Jim:: Klutz! (heal up, okay)

Ken, no worries. Can't wait to get to it.