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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Karma is going to be a busy person come the recovery

Several "Ten Rules for Writing" lists from the Guardian. (grokked from Jay Lake).

One job listing for a designer using Flash; less than 10 hours a week, on an as needed basis, there's 13 candidates, and the average posting wage is $10.71 an hour. Okay, I get just a little less than that on unemployment for applying to two jobs a week. Seriously, WTF kind of jobs market is this? Oh yes, karma is going to be working overtime come the next uptick. Don't believe me? Here's a screen capture.

I guess I didn't do a post on pricing schemes (value versus cost), which I'll need to do soon. See, $11 an hour for Flash programming is ridiculously low. Any design work for that amount is ridiculously low. Seriously. My first design job back in 1990 was for $13 an hour, and that was slave wages back then (but at least I got medical). Eleven is "just graduated high school student living in their parent's basement" wages.

(As an aside, I guess I also haven't done a post on terrorism, which I'll also need to do soon. I went to look for it the other day to make a point with someone and realized it wasn't there).

And then there was this on elance: "8 pages product catalog with text and photos. About 50 photos not provided, must be included in bid price." It's also a food supply company. Shooting food is a speciality (and requires a deep knowledge base to get it right). The budget listing is less than $500. In fact, most of the jobs have a budget less than $500.

Okay, if design is going toward a cost pricing model, it's time to get out. Cost is the Wal-Mart pricing model, only it's the common perception of the Wal-Mart model, not the reality. Or, it's the pricing model Wal-Mart enforces on their suppliers. Once that happens, it's a dive to the bottom. Industries crash this way. So, yeah, I'm thinking transitioning out of this isn't such a bad idea at the moment.

And, if I can say it, the "data entry at home" jobs and their postings (which have clogged up my searches the past few days) need to roll over and die. They're the spam of job postings.

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