What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Monday, February 22, 2010

Random late Mondays

Spent the day running around. I think I need to start into a definite routine. I'm thinking up early, Wii Fit, shower, walk (if weather permits), search for jobs, work on edits, chores, lunch, the wip, fix dinner, etc. Okay, maybe not all in that order. Especially if freelance comes in (two quotes didn't get work, only one very short project in the works).

I'm also going through tutorials for CSS. Pretty much what I remembered (and not exactly exciting). Soon we'll get into positioning and floating and that fun stuff. Then I'll need to redo my website incorporating all the new buzzy stuff to show that yes, I can do this stuff. Now won't you hire me. It's a problem when the people you work for don't sell the cutting edge things. And I've always learned better by doing and solving problems than reading a book.

Tonight there was a mandatory information session for health care technology program candidates. We went over a ton of crap, and frankly, it's a wonder anybody goes through this. Waiting list for Radiological Tech is 2-3 years. Which means I take the none clinical and radiologic specific classes waiting for a turn (and work on the immunizations, I have to get my CPR card, again, get medical insurance, do a background check, take the HOBET test). I have a question into the dean of the program concerning my court marshal and if that would disqualify me (for both the program, certification, and employment you need to pass a criminal background check). I don't think it would (not felony, not drug related, no violence, etc). But you never know and it's better to ask now than be surprised after spending a bunch of money and time. Also, for entrance, fees, GPA, tests (except for NET/HOBET test), and waiting time, the Radiological Tech program is the most rigorous. For the majority of it, I'm not worried. My concern is Anatomy and Physiology I and II. Those will be the make it or bust classes. If the classes are structured in their presentation, I think I'll do fine. If not, the memorization will be an issue with me. And I have to keep a 2.8 GPA while doing it. Then again, I might just be psyching myself out.

Oh, and Jay Lake has another point on why I support health care overhaul (and why I am, specifically, a "pro-public option because we'll never get single payor" kind of guy).

And for the writing, I have most of the Raas Xaafuun story down. Just need to plug some holes in it, and then rewrite to make it darker, moodier, and more horrorish. Today's new writing concerned getting out some stuff that was a rewrite of an older story (never finished). I still don't know if it is a story or what the conflict is (main thrust is accepting what we are, no matter how much it hurts).
"Are the feathers your gandfather's?"

"They're my own," Jackson said. He kid looked quizzical and he quickly added, "When I was a boy, a little older than you are now, I climbed the tallest pine tree I knew and had a talk with old-man eagle." He put the knapsack on and started walking up the trail. The kid followed. "'Give me you tail feathers,' I said to the old bird. 'You'll molt soon and won't need them.' And then he said, 'An eagle does not give his feathers away.' And then he jumped me." Jackson slammed a fist into his other palm. "Knocked us both out of the tree."

Jackson stopped and waited for the kid to catch up. "On the way down I wrestled with him and pulled four feathers out before he got away. Then I put two feathers in each hand and started flapping for all I was worth. By the time I got to the ground I had learned to fly." He paused to catch his breath. "That's why eagles cry when they see me," he thumped his chest. "They know I know their secret."

"That's baloney," the kid said.


Rick said...

Man, the amount of work you're doing on your writing, you're really going to break through some day soon! Can't wait to read your Raas Xaafuun story when it's all done.

Steve Buchheit said...

Actually, Rick, I've been beating myself up for not doing more writing stuff (hopefully that's my brain saying, "Okay, I'm rested enough already, let's get to work"). Today I went through ans started cleaning up Rass Xaafuun. Hope to get it in for a certain editor's open call for water related Cthulhu stories.