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Monday, November 8, 2010

Fed Up with Rick Perry

Well, besides making a point by point critique let's just hit the comment I'm hearing where ever he is promoting his book.

Texas don't need no stinking Federal EPA because with their "flexible permitting process" they've cleaned up Texas' air. So that shows that local (ie. state) control is better.


Hmm, let me see, just how did Texas' air get to be so bad that you can show such a dramatic improvement? Oh yes, that would have been that same flexible permitting done under the Bush Administration (when he was governor of Texas). So, yeah, you had a lot to improve. And let's see, I wonder if it has anything to do with a shift of refining to Louisiana? Or maybe the collapse of oil production along the panhandle. Or the lost of manufacturing across the border to the Maquiadores, India, China or Vietnam. That those companies moving from California are mostly corporate offices and financial firms (who are not big polluters). No, I'm sure it's all about how having state control helped.

And that state control, looking after state interests, is a better solution.

Because, you know, the midwest states were all over that preventing Sulfur Dioxide from getting into the atmosphere. You know, except they weren't being effected by it, so they didn't care. Of course, SE Canada and the NE of the US were having a hard time with all the acid rain we were sending their way. But screw them, because we have state's rights and they can't force us to do shit. So if Texas sends Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, or Georgia some high level particulates that precipitates in their states, destroying their health, crops, rivers, infrastructure, economy, etc, well, it doesn't matter, because Texas has clean air. Don't you feel better now?

So, state's rights, huh Mr. Perry. Secure your own damn border. After all, the National Guard is commanded by the Governor except in times of war. Surely you don't want us to declare war on Mexico. You know, your major trading partner? So, you want them on the border? I agree with our Sec. of DoHS. Pay for it yourself. You know, with your lower tax rate. After all, you think the 16th Amendment is so terrible.

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