What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Story Bone

Idea grokked from here. So this might have been done. Maybe to death.

It's your basic "Nazis find powerful artifact and try to use it to win war." In this case, the Nazis discover Dracula (un-beheaded, as so often happens in these kinds of stories) as they roll through (what became known as) Eastern Europe and revive him to create a troops of Super SS Soldiers. Of course, Dracula has his own agenda. Although he does have a grudge against the English (that whole Harker problem). So very "The Keep" meets "Indiana Jones" wrapped in an undead burrito. Heck, as I think of it, telling the story from Dracul's POV could be very cool. Last he knew he was fighting Harker and von Helsing with the Roma, and now it's 50 years later and there's all these people in uniforms. So, while some of their desires are aligned (invading England), Vlad most certainly has his own prejudices (as a creature of the night, used to hiding and preying at the edges, instead of full frontal Blitzkrieg) and goals. As well as knowing these soldiers will send him back to oblivion once they're done with him.

So, my guess is, yeah, this has to have been done before. Sort of like if the Hellboy experiment didn't happen at the end of the war. But could still be cool.

"He tasted the air. It's perfume was different. He knew it was no longer winter, and he was no longer in Transylvania. The taste of Harker on the air was gone. So to that Van Helsing and disgusting American. His mouth felt metallic, but not the taste of the ghurka Harker had with him. Something older and more like brass. The tang of sulfur and salt peter. He could hear the beating of five hearts nearby. Food. He was terrifically hungry."

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