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Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday Linkee-poo

It's a little too "rah rah, go and buy", but here's a trailer for the new Star Wars art book. Looks nice (although a few too many "nudes in the background" shots in the video, probably work safe, but YMMV).

Well, plagiarism seems to be the theme of Teh Internuts these days.

We have the ongoing David Boyer (and all his aliases) continuing to provide amusement over at Rick Moore's place. Seriously. That link it to some resources Rich and friends have developed to search for, find, and protect against plagiarism.

To all the plagiarists out there, the internet is not your friend. It's the exact opposite as many college students have discovered, much to their chagrin.

And then we have this. A case of someone lifting a piece for their commercial publication, and then getting the internet wrong. Fail. You really need to read the editor's response to being caught out. It's like he's begging to be taken to court.


Rick said...

Boyer is about to get another surpise soon. We have ten more writers filing against him with the Attorney General of Indian! Three of these are from out of the country. They still count.

And I contacted the person you referened and walked them through how to notify the IC3 and the Attorney General's office. Thanks for the heads up.

Steve Buchheit said...

He can't say you didn't give him the chance to come clean (not that you need to).

And they should definitely talk with their own lawyer to protect their own interest.

sheila, still not lurking, said...

Great links, Steve!

The Krugman piece is spot on. I'm surprised that he didn't mention what happened to Germany, when they decided to do some belt-tightening after reunification. Instead of taming the deficit, the deficit went up. And now we're going to do that here, because it worked so well for the Germans?

I am still agog that people do not understand how interconnected we are, how the sense of community has declined. And the zero-sum assumptions they make are flawed -- the idea that if someone else gets more of a small pie, then they get less. Another blogger pointed out that the real world isn't like that, and we can expand the pie so that everyone gets more and our society becomes more prosperous and stable.

And where in the world was that "I remember" commercial?! OMG! The Dems should have been placing that everywhere!

I'm still laughing about the college professor film. I'm sending that to everyone (except Bette, that is... that's your call!).

Steve Buchheit said...

Sheila, it's what I've been saying, we have real life experiments on these policies. So far, they're not working well.

First the Germans did a stimulus twice as large as ours (compared to GDP), and the recovered earlier. Now, with their new government went the austerity path and now their slipping back.

And I showed the college prof film to Bette. I knew she'd get a laugh out of it.