What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Is Going to Dance With the Little Piggies

Staurt Jaffe on a plan to write a synopsis (something I hope to be doing over Christmas).

It might just bee my designer geekiness, bu cool business cards get me going in the morning. A flicker set of more. And then there's even more (even including Steve Wozniak's card).

Dan sends this link to one of the interesting nondurables in the universe. See, our galaxy has already absorbed many other galaxies (in fact, we're about do to collide with Andromeda in about 4-5 billion years from now), but now if the initial conclusions about this planet hold up, we have proof. The planet is orbiting a metal-poor star, which (supposedly) aren't able to produce planets.

And I will try to keep this to only one political link.

Bryan Fischer doubles down. Really? I think what you wanted to say, Bryan, is, "I'm getting a lot of support in the email." No, I did read your whole post. What I think is funny is that when people get "all up in your grill" over what you say, you think this is somehow a vindication that our culture has gone all "feminine" and doesn't honor aggressiveness. Really? Hey, dipwad, WTF do you think just happened to you? Yeah, we're being aggressive, you poor excuse for toilet paper. Again, you point to the "Scriptures" as vindication of your misguided perception of Christianity. Well, here, let me help you. It's called "The New Testament." It was a new beginning, a new covenant with God. You'd know that if you actually had read it all, instead of the truncated version or Cliff's Notes. Also, here's a thought that probably won't fit in the narrow confines of what you call your brain, Sgt. Giunta's patrol was taking the fight to the enemy, which he continued to do while rescuing his fellow soldiers. So, really, you're argument is as vacuous as your theology. But I'm sure they support you in the email.

Okay, maybe one more. Because then there is this whackaloon elected to government. Tell me again how it's not about the racism, 'cause these people keep getting into positions of power and there has to be a reason.


Rick said...

Steve, what exactly are you writing a synopsis about? A new novel or one you've already finished?

Steve Buchheit said...

Hey Rick, it's for the one already finished. I really want to be agent hunting by the beginning of the new year. Because I really want to be writing the next one (the current novel was the "get it out so you know you can write a novel" project, but so far it's turned out pretty good, I think it is sellable).