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A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday overstuffs with links before turkey day

A Buffy reboot sans Joss Whedon? Truly, Warner Bros, WTF? If, for the love of all that isn't holy, you do this, why not just give a call. "Hey, Joss, we're going to do a reboot. No, we don't want you involved. Just thought we'd let you know, though." What's next, a Serenity remake but this time more cosmopolitan?

Vince has a video on his blog on the repeal of DADT. Except that in Amurika, peoples is deathly afraid the gay cooties will gets on them if we treat the gays as normal. Relax, people, you're already infected. Business as usual. It's a slightly weird world for me to live in where our European and Asian allies are more advanced than we are.

Hypocrisy is the stuffing du jour this Thanksgiving week. We'll start with what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Or, besides the idiocy of Rep Andy Harris (new R-MD), many people want those who ran against Obamacare and government run health care to actually, you know, not take government run health care. Good luck with that idea, folks. And what people want the government to focus on in the lame duck session. Also, good luck seeing those things happen. I think it's hilarious that 56% of people want the estate tax to be extended, when it only impacts less than 25% of people. And the Democratic Party forms their infamous circular firing squad a little early.

And, how come the conservatives continue to elect the crazies? Really, Tom Hackbarth? You're giving us the choice of either thinking you're some crazy with a gun menacing a Planned Parenthood Clinic or buying your alibi that you're just some crazy checking up on a girlfriend you met over the internet while carrying a loaded revolver? So, you're a kook with what the story looks like, or to get yourself out of trouble you're going with that you're really a crazed stalker kook instead? That's our choice? Who the hell voted for you? Also, yet another argument against concealed carry.

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Eric said...

I don't think the Serenity reboot is possible given that, as far as I know, Joss owns Firefly and/or has a deal with Fox preserving his control (I assume). Whedon never owned Buffy free and clear, he shared rights to it with the director and producers of the original film.

The sort-of-analogous situation, now that I think about it, is the Bondverse: Ian Fleming obviously had the rights to Bond, but prior to Dr. No being filmed, he worked on a screenplay idea titled Thunderball with several collaborators; that fell through, Fleming turned the script into a novel but didn't initially credit the people he'd worked with, there was a bunch of ugly legal action; the upshot was a legal settlement in which it was agreed that Fleming shared the rights to the plot of Thunderball, the organization SPECTRE, and (for the purposes of that one story) his former partners could use James Bond for their own version of Thunderball whenever they wanted. Which is how Never Say Never Again got made, which, ironically, was marginally better than most of the other James Bond movies released in the '80s.

A more detailed and accurate account of the whole thing can be found here. It's actually a kind of interesting story, especially (I think) if you're interested in writing (and film), even if you don't care much for James Bond.

The real point being that a Whedonless Buffy isn't necessarily the end of the world, especially if you look at it in a Never Say Never Again-ish kind of way--as a non-canonical, alternate-universe remake that doesn't really have anything to do with the franchise proper. It's conceivable (dare I say it?) it could even be better than the painful last season of Buffy and/or the official Buffy "Season 8" comics, in much the same way Never Say Never Again was at least better than A View To A Kill. (And at least as good as Octopussy, which came out the same year, though I never hated that one as much as most people seem to).

Anyway, that's my two cents.