What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Linkee-poo never gives you its number, it only gives you its situation

Creating the feel of the world. Yes, this. Metaphors? Oh yes. Ask people about the pithy comments a certain (dead) character in my novel makes. And symbols. Metaphors are really symbols in language. But symbols are all around us (they're so ingrained into our environment, we only notice them when they are absent). Everything relates. (Grokked from Morgan Locke)

Chuck Wendig on the life cycle of a novel. Bwahahahaha.

Unlike Eric, I don't post much about music here. Eric is more diverse in his tastes and experiences (hell, he goes to SXSW, which is sort of like the Hajj for US musical types). That doesn't mean I'm a slacker. Good friend Dan points us to new AV Club covers and The Decemberists and Bob Mould covering the same song (that Bob wrote), Sugar's "If I Can't Change Your Mind" (below). Compare and contrast that. I'm not typically a big fan of covers (although all bands should be able to do them), but that's how covers should be done.

One of the more mind-breaking optical illusions (or "optical delusions" as we called them in school) brought to life in a video at Bad Astronomy. In case you're wondering, notice the fill light which evens out the light on the board (look at the floor, notice the shadows on the floor are contrary to the board - the "spot" is pointed up and keeps the cylinder from casting a shadow from the "fill" light - also notice the two shadows from the woman, the shadow from the "fill" is stronger than the shadow from the "spot"). The shadow is printed, not cast. This is also how we perceive things as white or black which aren't either, but our brain must assign "comparative" values. It's one of the ways our mental processes are shorthanded so we can live in real time. Trust me that designers use these tricks all the time. (Pointed to by Dan)

In case you're still wondering why it's so hard to take Michelle Bachman seriously. Thanks for wishing Elvis a happy birthday on the anniversary of his death. You know, most serious candidates have handlers who can google. I suggest the Bachman campaign hire someone with a smartphone that has connectivity. Hell, maybe get both a Verizon and AT&T phone.

But then, why check facts when you can echo various conspiracy theories. Also, read that closely, the state wanted to require farmers/tractor drivers to have a commercial license, and the Federal Government shut that down. So, not only a show of echo chamber thinking by Rick Perry, but also a complete repudiation of his campaign kickoff speech.

Hey, TPers in SPAAAACCCEEE, look, SpaceX will doc Dragon with the ISS this winter (Nov 30 launch date). You're having a revolution for nothing and are about a decade late to the party. It's sort of like complaining about how you have to rip up lettuce and chop vegetables to have a salad at home because you haven't gone into a grocery store in the past decade. (Grokked from Dan)

An Oathkeeper in action. Now, I'm sure most aren't rapists and bail jumpers who are going to go all Ruby Ridge on the world, but somehow I think most of them sympathize.

Rick Perry, Manchurian Candidate (but now for Muslims)? This is the whirlwind you reap, conservatives, when you allow the crazies access to the microphone. Not to mention this kind of idiocy.

Edited to add this update to the "Sergeant Goes AWOL story link above, he was being processed for discharge. It just keeps getting weirder. Apparently they don't even have the backbone to stand up for the convictions they say they're standing up for.

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