What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Linkee-poo's Tuesday is gone with the wind

Happy Default Day. As an historical note, today is the day the Declaration of Independence was actually signed in 1776.

The problem with "privilege. And interesting take on the use of that word (in the context of, "That's a statement from the position of privilege"). I don't agree with all the arguments made in here, so it's offered as a counter to my own arguments (although this is more of the "50% in opposition" argument). (Grokked from Ferrett Steinmetz)

Speaking of Ferrett, his advice for the Post-Clarion experience. (Grokked from Catherine Shaff Stump) And just a shout out, Congrats, Ferrett. Good job.

"Well, okay, but I mean, maybe you're a shitty camera man, I don't know." Matt Damon, national treasure. Shows the difference in thinking between the different sides in the "public employee" kerfluffle we've been having. Love the comment about MBA thinking. See, it may just be my experience in business, but I've met more conservatives who have been willing to do a crappy job to keep from being asked to do it again, slough off their responsibilities when they can, and having to deal with comments like, "I bet you were never so happy for a test" (when I told a manager I couldn't work late that night because I had a test). All of which were observed in staunch conservatives. And yes, they made their political views quite clear (which I've never had any of my liberal bosses do, but all of my conservative bosses and coworkers felt it was okay to make political statements at me during work). (Grokked from Random Michelle)

And just in case you're one to think that government employees are lazy bastards, there are reports that many FAA inspectors are continuing to work, unpaid, even though they've been furloughed. Because you can always count on conservatives to help us keep the economy moving and increase jobs. Because they wouldn't want to lose 15x the amount in revenues that they're squabbling over. All because they want to break unions. Are we having fun yet in this ideological war?

Well, good thing you can always trust the conservatives to play fair. Not so much voter fraud, as stealing votes. To bad those voter ID laws wouldn't stop shenanigans like this. (Pointed to by Dan)

It's things like that which make this look so suspicious.

Noted without comment, Tea Party Caucus demographics. Okay, one comment, some of this, I expect, is because of the well known liberal bias of the North Eastern States. I am surprised that there isn't a larger Western contingent. (Grokked from Roger Ebert)

And just in general, the only thing I know I'm in agreement with the Debt Deal is that 1) it's needed to pass (today, please) and 2) the pain of not reporting out of committee by the end of November is that everybody's ox gets gored. There are parts I strongly disagree with (like no revenue enhancements, to use Reagan's term), and parts I am mildly for (some of the cuts).

Tweet of my heart:
@GeorgeTakei: Neither party likes debt deal, most Americans angry. Paraphrasing Churchill: Democracy is the worst form of govt--except for every other.

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