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Monday, August 27, 2007

Have Room, Will Travel

Just finished the Jeff VanderMeer tansfer of membership for the World Fanatsy convension this fall by moving the hotel reservation over to my name. Yes, my secret plan of world domination (that's right, Jim, I also have a plan (insert evil laughter here)) is coming together nicely. Jeff posted on his blog last spring about not being able to go and needing to transfer stuff. I quickly chimed in that I would take one of the memberships and the room (the Con Hotel had just closed their reservation block).

So, I have Jeff VanderMeer's membership for WF, and I have their reservation. I also have coasters and postcards from Jeff to handout and leave on the freebie table.

So, I've been having a brain moment. I've been thinking I should make a "I'm Not Jeff VanderMeer" ribbon for my name badge, take pictures of the fun time at World Fantasy, and make a little post about it. Like a little story. "Tonight the part of Jeff VanderMeer will be played by..."

Anyway. I'm glad I could help out Jeff and Ann. And I get to go to World Fantasy and stay in the Con Hotel. Yes! Score! Good times all around.

And I'm really debating making that ribbon. Maybe I should see what Jeff thinks about that?


Anonymous said...

I smell a Heinlein plot... Double Star. You will be trained to be his double and then he dies and you will become him for the rest of your life.

Let's hope not! lol

Steve Buchheit said...

Oh Gods, Ken. I hope not too. One, Jeff is like way better than I am. He makes me feel like the kid in the candy store, and he's the guy selling the chocolate bars with the golden ticket. B, he is way more known that me. III, he is way better read and wider read than I am. And Four, like, he's got an Evil Monkey.

It would be like the movie Dave, only the Secret Service would just off me and be done with my bungling instead of letting me have a midnight sandwich.

But seriously, that's why I would have the "I'm Not Jeff VanderMeer," because, really, I may fill his reservations and sit in his seat, but I couldn't fill those editorial/writer/publisher shoes. And for gods-sake, on a panel I would be, "wah, wah, wah, I dunno." :)

Jim Wright said...

Steve, I see no conflict here. You intend to dominate the world, I intent to conquer the universe! I'll need local governors on each world, you seem like a fine fellow - the Earth is yours (spreads arms wide in a magnanimous gesture).

You should be well prepared for your role as governor, you already have a secret Jeff VanderMeer Identity, which will allow you to move incognito amongst the subject population...

Steve Buchheit said...

Well, sure, I can be a governor of Earth. That's a gig I'm willing to take, as long as the pay is good. And overtime, I've got to have that overtime. And a SJVI, secret Jeff VanderMeer Identity, I like it! For some reason I'm now seeing those kids costume kits but this one is a Jeff VanderMeer costume. It has the mask and a shirt with a giant squid on it.

And if Jeff catches up to this by googling, I'm just kidding.

Jim Wright said...

Crap, now I want a t-shirt with a giant squid on it.

And as Earth's Governor, you'll be salaried employee. But feel free to work overtime if you want.

Steve Buchheit said...

Salary?! I got away from that before. Dagburnit.

How about performance bonuses? Huh? Anything?

Okay, how about something for this link to a squid hoodie on Jeff's blog?