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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Paul Jessup on newbie writers

Paul Jessup gives us his take on the Newbie Writer Cycle. I'm halfway through it, and thought it was good enough without reading the end to post the link here. I'm right at the point of having stopped looking for the "sekrit." I never did believe in it anyway (but you gotta look for it, it's like Sasquatch, you just gotta look). The best line, "Your biggest enemy is yourself. It is always yourself, will always be yourself."

Everybody who has done the bi-polar experience of writing knows this. "This is the best shit evar!" to be followed by, "How could they reject it in less than a day, this must be the worst crap evar!" I quickly get passed the second part these day.

On the plus side, it seems that a lot of people are picking up the mantle of snarkiness. Many hands make light work.

(Endeavour is positioned for re-entry, skin is 2000F, over the Southern Pacific, track will take her slightly east of Hurricane Dean).

Edit 1:45pm I'm forgetting my blog etiquette and give a shout out to Jay Lake for the link.


Camille Alexa said...

Jay Lake is super cool and a full member of Broad Universe [*shameless plug*].

The most important thing is to keep in mind why you write.

Steve Buchheit said...

Jay Lake is definately a cool guy.

Yep, so very true. It's also good to keep in mind as I run for re-election (Vote for Me!) of why I serve. It's the opportunity for graff. I mean, the service for the people. Yeah. Keeping the Village on track and making progress (and even more so prepared for that progress). It sure isn't the money.

I write because if I don't, the stories will kill me. Okay, well, really I write for the fame and glory.

I get paid WHAT per word?

Okay, maybe it's for the groupies. Okay, I've been to cons and that just wouldn't work for me either.

So, why do I write? Because I'm a writer. And I want to be a better writer. Because, seriously, the stories will kill me if I don't get them out. I've tormented my lovely wife with them too long. It's now time to inflict them on the world.

Or, something like that. Seriously, the Muse has me chained to this chair. And it's not the light S&M chains, we're talking serious chaffing here.

Okay, did I just go down the wrong comment thread or what. Damn you, Scalzi and your two week haitus!

"But serisouly," he said doing the facial expression wipe, "the first rule of Write Club is everyone must write."

Camille Alexa said...

Hey, Steve!
I also meant to mention that Mr. Jessup's magazine is also on hiatus, due to difficulties. You probably knew that.

Are you saying your writing is another form of public service, in a weird, convoluted way? Very interesting. And I think your sadomasochistic overtones are not inappropriate.

Steve Buchheit said...

Camille, I think it's hilarious that we're posting comments on each other's blog at the same time. I feel like I need to wave as we virtually pass each other. ::Hi, neighbor::

Everybody who has felt the "I have to do what now" feeling as you're dead tired and you've already put out 500 words, turned the computer off, shoveled yourself under the sheets, and turned off the light only to have the muse start dictating the way you should have written those 500 words and even better stuff knows what I mean about those chains. Sometimes you ride the bull, sometimes the bull rides you.