What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Eleven Pipers Pipping

Okay, I wanted to do this post in a Lovecraftian way honoring those mad pipers of the Arctic, the shoggoths. But that isn't going to happen today. Mostly because I'm still in pain. Went to the chiropractor yesterday and was so bound up he couldn't move me at all. So instead he worked on "pressure points" to get fluids moving. Normally when he does this there's just one point. Last night he had his choice of them along my right shoulder. I felt only marginally better when I left and then felt a little better as the night went on.

Then I went to sleep. Only to wake up around 3am feeling like someone what poured ice-water through my arm after whacking on it with a baseball bat. And we're talking swinging for the cheap seats, not bunting. Fun that wasn't. I eventually hit a position with my right arm up between two pillows and was able to get back to sleep.

Today it's more of a throbbing pain in the shoulder and upper arm. Although the lower arm gets that "iced" feeling every now and then. And all this typing is making it worse. While the pain is bad in and of itself, it's that it's sticking around for so long that really gets me.

So, how are you surviving the snowpocalypse? (did I mention it's snowing again)


Anonymous said...

Uhm...it's mild and slightly drizzly here. Light jacket/umbrella weather at worst, though Portlanders eschew umbrellas in some sort of cultural solidarity ritual.

I hear it's colder in Kansas today than in Antarctica. True?

Steve Buchheit said...

Well, it's high summer in Antarctica. The sun has been up (as in, doesn't set) for several weeks now. Also, considering that when the Southern Hemisphere has their summer, the Earth is closer to the Sun than when the Northern Hemisphere has it' summer, I wouldn't be surprised.

McMurdo station is currently 24F. Forecasted to be 42 by Friday.


Kansas City is currently 15F.

So it's true.

Jarrett said...

It's cold in Dallas and expected to get colder before the week draws to a close. We are going to get into the teens a couple of nights and not get above freezing during the day. That's cold for anyone but deathly for Dallas. We don't do the cold very well.

Luckily the precipitation is avoiding us this time around. We got our snow on Christmas Eve. And two other times before that round. We've seen an unusual amount of the white stuff this winter and we are barely into January. We don't typically get our winter precipitation until late in the season. A few years ago I was caught in a nice little snowstorm at a renaissance fair over Easter weekend.

Anonymous said...

It will be snowpocalypse here starting tomorrow.

It's already coldpocalypse. My car vapor locked this morning. Yeah!


Rick said...

Have you got a ruptured rotator cuff, Steve or what?

WendyB_09 said...

Hell, it's warmer in Antarctica than is in Atlanta! We are having our longest period of sub-freezing weather since 1985 and we're supposed to have snow on Thursday and colder temps by the weekend.

Happy Frozen New Year, y'all.

Steve Buchheit said...

Jarrett, I remember walking into my apartment in Dallas to find a fireplace. I asked the landlord why I had a fireplace in Dallas. "Well, sometimes the temps get into the 40s." I'm not sure he was appreciative when I laughed. Plus, you all get hailstorms. I'll take the snow, thank you.

Catherine, ouch. I haven't had a vapor lock yet (knocks on empty skull for lack of wood).

Rick, that's a definite possibility (one which my wife thinks is the case since I described the pain). Tonight is my second trip to the chiropractor. He's also a decent doctor, so I'm going to ask him directly. Also, I'm going to tell him if I'm still in pain on Friday, I'm going to my other doctor (right now pain is mostly in arm).

Wendy, but at least you all are getting precipitation. That should help with the drought in a few weeks when it all melts. IT might even bring your reservoir back to half full.