What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The Onion: Science Channel Refuses to Dumb Down Science Any Further. this nerdgasm brought to you by Eric VanNewkirk, via twitter. Every time I flip past the the History Channel with their new Nostrodamus programming or just the Discovery Channel (really, at the beginning of Mythbusters, yeah, okay, got the concept, but now they're just making shit up so they can make really big explosions) I'm going to remember this article.

Here's a TPM story on an interview I heard this morning on NPR with John Boehner concerning bipartisanship. Or at least his definition. He said, "when it comes to bipartisan legislation you've got to look at the balance. If the balance leans in our direction, and things that we believe in, I would think that we would support it." Or in other words, if it's a conservative bill, it's bipartisan. Otherwise, we won't support it. Glad we got that whole "Party of NO" thing cleared up there, John. This goes along with his philosophy of "we're in charge, or we're shut out." Glad that whole thing about the Democrats craftily scheduling their open committee meetings at the same time you're feeling your microphone fix is working out. See, John is the guy who famously said 50%+1 is a mandate. But I guess you can expect Johnny to be a little testy as he's no longer allowed to smoke his cigars in the Rotunda.

Spirit may be trapped but after 5.5 years longer than originally designed to operate, they're repurposing her into a stationary mission. Really ought to give the people who engineered this mission a lot more money for other stuff. Just in my opinion.

And the Apple iPad. Yes, I've seen the jokes. Don't care. Wants one. Would like to have it have a more realistic keyboard on screen (especially in horizontal mode). Also, if it can act like it's own hotspot with $30 unlimited 3G connection, oh yes. We wants it. We wants it.

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