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Singing songs and carrying signs
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Friday, January 22, 2010

Concentrate and ask again

Today is the MRI. In the time slot I had originally planned on exiting I-90 to get onto I-80 on my west bound trek to Confusion, instead I'll have my head stuck into the Magic 8 Ball of modern technology. Like the oracle of Delphi, I'll wander into the cave of vapors and loud banging noises and see what the mystic mists send me across the firewire connection.

Better not tell you now

Of course, I won't know anything after the test. The operators of the machines are only allowed to say things like, "Well, yes, there is a heart in your chest." Not anything that might be construed as diagnostic. They might even be willing to tell you that the heart is beating and they're getting a good image, but not much more. Can you tell I've done the cardiac stress test with ultrasound?

Reply hazy, try again

At least I'll be in the open MRI. Open MRI's don't image as precisely, or as with as much detail as the tradition MRI, but I'm going to be spending on the order of about a half hour stuck inside this machine. I'd like not to feel my own breath reflected back at me from the ceiling. That and add in that I'm about 6' 3" and still around 300lbs, my suit jacket size was 58 long (and that was a while ago). So probably to fit into a regular MRI they'd have to butter my shoulders.

Ask again later

Then on Monday I have my appointment with the Orthopedic doctor and we'll see what they say. And hopefully they'll have a course of action that will alleviate this pain. When I was at the chiropractor last time he put me in traction which, while he was stretching my neck, actually felt pretty good. And it removed the pain from my shoulder and arm (except when I'd move to the edges of the range of motion). Of course, once I was off the machine and stood back up the pain returned. Darn gravity. I wish the Supreme Court would over turn that stare decisis bastard.

Cannot predict now

Hopefully the reply won't be, "Well, look at that, you really do have shit for brains." That would be the sad faced outcome.


WendyB_09 said...

Well, that would be better than the friend that went for a brain scan one time and came back saying they didn't find anything...

Steve Buchheit said...

::rim shot::