What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Monday, January 4, 2010

Ten Lords a-Leaping

How not to start the new year.

1) In so much pain the only comfortable sleeping position is on my back. Which I hate as it leads to poor breathing and dreams I'm being buried alive. But last night the drugs weren't good enough to make sleeping on my side not excruciating.

2) Leave the house a half an hour early, because you want to leave work early to go to the chiropractor, only to arrive a half hour late. Snowpocolypse and idiot, inconsiderate drivers. Seriously people, consider other people on the road, pay attention, use your accelerator.

3) Forget your lunch at home.

4) Take drugs that make you insanely drowsy after a night of little sleep.

5) Two grapefruit do not a satisfying lunch make (although mug of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice - yum).

6) Hear bad news about client who contributes greatly to workload.

7) Try to hold you arm in such a way that you don't stress any muscles and feel a lot of pain, only to find out that such a position doesn't exist and is contradictory.

8) Unable to get an Abba song out of your head.

9) Figure out that you moved a prescription to another pharmacy because it would be more convenient, except when you need to refill it soon and aren't going that way (but will pass old pharmacy)

10) Want to go home halfway through morning commute, which may have been faster than continuing morning commute.

But on the positive side, I heard that I had won one of the book contests. So, we start off the year with free books! And it's about zombies. We love our zombies.


Dan Berlyoung said...

Was it "Money, money, money! It's a rich man's world!" or "Super Trooper! Lights are gonna find me!"

Or maybe "Mama Mia!"

(I am absolutely no help, am I?)

Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry about the Abba song.

Anonymous Cassie

phizesse - what colas need.

Steve Buchheit said...

Dan and Cassie, it was the classic "Mama Mia!" That bouncing discoteque bubble-gum for the ears.