What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ten Drummers Drumming

Today I am sadly disappointed in our information age. One of the nephews is at Peak and Peak for the day and overhears some people talking about I-90 (the major interstate along the easter shore of Lake Erie, main connector to NY from Ohio) being closed. So, what does he do. Does he go to the manager or concierge there at PnP? Why no, he calls his Mom who is two states away. Who then calls us because we're slightly closer. So then I start into searching because the Weather Channel is into their afternoon hours of "Storm Stories" (really, don't need documentaries on Weather, I want to know the Weather, that's what the Weather Channel is for). I try Ohio's highway reporting site, which doesn't want to work with Safari (only Explorer and Firefox - note to Ohio Governmental Webmasters, bits is bits and we're in the 21st Century, might want to check out this concept of browser neutral design, I hear it's all the rage). Then I go to the PA State Police, which, since they're the ones who would close the interstate (which I eventually did find out they had) I think they would have something on their website. Nope. But they have a 511 site, which doesn't work very well with my slow connection, and doesn't have, say, something that says "The State Police have closed I-90 on account of weather." Nope, have to go look at maps, and then select to see weather related alerts, which then don't want to function barfing out errors left and right (see comment about Ohio Governmental Webmasters). Then I check Erie, PA television stations, all of which haven't updated since yesterday. Great. So finally I get a story from a Pittsburgh news station that, yes, the state patrol had closed all of I-90.

It shouldn't be this hard.

In other news, today was the snowpocalypse here in NE Ohio. We've got a metric boat load of lake effect dumping across the region.

And did I mention I'm in pain. My whole right side is killing me (thank Xenu I have some good painkillers left over from prior pain sessions). I'm pretty sure I just need a good adjustment (and that the pain is from all the sitting and typing I've done this weekend). My chiropractor has extended hours tomorrow and I think I'll be taking advantage of those. Now it remains to be seen if I can get to sleep tonight (had problems last night with the pain, I started the painkillers around 2am).

So Bette was good enough to go shovel for me. Hopefully tomorrow I can get to work okay, and then leave a little early to make it to the chiropractor and get snapped and rolled (oh man how I love that roller bed, if they weren't a few thousand I'd have one myself).

But now, with just this typing I'm hurting again, so I think I'll stop and go get dinner. How are you surviving the snowpocalypse? I did take photos this morning, so I'll try and share soon.

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